The Tangoe Difference


Just like in any industry, there are a lot of choices when it comes to technology expense and management software solutions. There are the point solutions serving one aspect of the service. There are providers who focus on optimization or just expenses.  And there are the very few that offer a complete solution including telecom, mobile, cloud (IaaS, UCaaS and SaaS) with an integrated platform to manage holistically across your organization. 

The product and capabilities matter deeply.   

What you’re looking to achieve for your business plays into the type of partner you need.  And once you’ve narrowed down the choices, the next layer of consideration comes into play. It’s easy for marketing to spin up a lot of adjectives to make a solution seem superior but the bottom line is, there are more attributes that need to be evaluated.  

In the past year, Tangoe has won numerous new client accounts, and many of these enterprises are returning to our service. Why are they coming back? Here’s what we’ve heard from customers who switch back to Tangoe and why we stand above the competition. 

What Clients Say: The Service Makes All the Difference

Our relentless focus on service is recognized by new and especially returning customers as our key differentiator. At Tangoe, you get unmatched service: 

  • Process Flexibility = Less Retrofitting: The other provider requires clients to retrofit their business processes into the supplier’s software. With Tangoe, we put your business processes and outcomes first and then build the workflows and reporting around what you need. 
  • Superior Support Drives More Efficiencies: The other provider doesn’t have a live support person who knows their business well enough to help them identify savings. Tangoe assigns a named customer success manager to all clients to help you realize the outcomes you’re looking for. 
  • Accuracy Prevents Fees: The other provider struggled with inventories and invoicing accuracy, so their vendors hit them with late payment fees. Tangoe’s AI-driven software and dedicated support ensures your inventories are accurate and bills are paid on time. 
  • Cost Savings from Avoiding Add-On Charges: The other provider started charging add-on fees – even for a software update.  Tangoe is transparent in its pricing and all software updates are complementary. As your needs change and your technology evolves, we make it easy to adjust our applications and services accordingly.  

Why Trust Tangoe? The Market Pioneer Offering Unparalleled Innovation

We are the pioneer in the market, holding more patents than all of our competitors combined. Also, we have more assets under management globally, than any other provider.  

  • More Intelligence—More Savings: By continuously tracking more than 400 technology providers in 200 countries, Tangoe maintains the largest, most up-to-date database of technology spend. That means we have a broader library of industry intelligence helping clients target more sources of technology savings when compared to our competitors.  
  • More Patents—More Innovation: Our 65+ patents demonstrate our commitment to continuous innovation for our clients. Plus, we’ve been named a nine-time Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services.  
  • Pioneering Complete IT Expense Management: We’ve created the industry’s first complete IT expense management solution across telecom, mobile, and cloud. For the first time, companies get a sweeping view across all their technology environments, understanding utilization to uncover opportunities for cost savings and stronger security.

So, if you’re ready for a technology expense management company that says it’s going to save you time and money—and then really does it—then you’re ready to Tangoe. 

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