Tangoe for Apple.

Your Integrated Apple Device Lifecycle Management Solution.

Tangoe for Apple is a completely integrated device lifecycle management solution for iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® and Apple Watch®. Tangoe’s managed mobility services and platform provide a 360° view of your Apple devices, providing customers with the most comprehensive visibility into their Apple environment in the marketplace, enabling more effective management of their Apple fleet throughout the device lifecycle.

Source, deploy, manage, and support the devices employees love to use with Tangoe for Apple. Help your organization transition employees from legacy 4G technology on to Apple’s 5G iPhone® through our 5G Accelerator program.

See our infographic about how Tangoe for Apple brings together the best-in-class devices with the best MMS solution.

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By the Numbers.


of the Fortune 500 Use Apple Devices

3 out of 4

Employees Choose Apple if Given a Choice*


Apple Devices Under Tangoe Management


Countries Serviced by Tangoe and AppleCare

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Empower Your Employees With…

Employee Choice

Give your employees the power to choose Apple devices. Tangoe’s device ordering catalog with Apple authorized carrier and select reseller integrations make it easy to offer employee choice.

We offer complete Apple deployment services, including flexible procurement models (Corporate-liable, Individually liable, or Stipend), zero-touch provisioning, and auto-enrollment in AppleCare for Enterprise coverage through our platform integrations.

Excellent Experiences

By improving employees’ mobile experience, Tangoe for Apple takes the burden off IT staff and helps enterprises work smarter. Employees enjoy visibility of cellular device usage and upgrade eligibility, and can take advantage of self-service reporting and other actions automated by Tangoe’s bots.

This is just one example of how Tangoe’s managed mobility services eliminate hassles so you can focus on what matters: your bottom line.

Enhanced Support

With a Tangoe AppleCare for Enterprise agreement, our global help desk experts team up with AppleCare experts to support your Apple hardware, software, and services for every employee, including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). When designated, Tangoe can coordinate, troubleshoot, escalate, and dispatch on your behalf.*

Through our US depot authorization and Global Service Exchange (GSX) access, Tangoe can handle logistics such as repairs and replacements with genuine parts, device enrollment transfer, and historical analysis.

*Requires customer designation of Tangoe as technical contact to coordinate support.

Tangoe Support Enhanced by AppleCare

27 Countries

with On-site AppleCare Support

110 Countries

with Local Authorized
Service Provider Support

188 Countries

with Tangoe Depot Support

Up to 5% Inventory

to Repair or Replace
iPhone and iPad; 2%
for Mac

Maximize Program Performance With…

Inventory Management

Tangoe for Apple provides unique, 360-degree visibility of Apple Business Manager and Unified Endpoint Enrollment, Limited Warranty and AppleCare coverage, iCloud “Find My” status, and more robust device details. Assess security and compliance risk, differentiate between locked and unlocked devices, and see device age and upgrade eligibility to help plan your inventory refresh. Tangoe’s managed inventory solutions are built specifically for the enterprise, with detailed reporting and supreme functionality.

Workflow Automation

Only with Tangoe can you receive automated multi-point validation and reconciliation of data from many parties, including Apple services, resellers, carriers, and UEMs. With Tangoe for Apple pre-built workflows, you can efficiently upgrade aging or carrier-eligible devices, or transact and enroll devices in AppleCare for Enterprise if purchased within the last 12 months. Help your organization work smarter, not harder.

Device Management

Tangoe’s mobile platform integrates with VMware, Microsoft, and MobileIron – and it offers Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Apple Business Manager services such as:

  • Apple Professional Services assessments
  • UEM implementation and managed services for VMware, MobileIron, and Microsoft
  • Apple Business Manager setup
  • Federated authentication
  • Provisioning profile building
  • App delivery and design
  • Security to protect corporate and employee data

Considering offering Mac employee choice? The Tangoe UEM operations team is an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) for macOS.

Save Money With…

Expense Management

With Tangoe for Apple, you get a clear picture of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch cellular services you’re paying for, why you’re paying for them, and whether you’re paying for anything you don’t need or use. The longer you manage mobile expenses with Tangoe, the more predictable and painless these processes are.

Invoice Management

Let Tangoe manage invoice complexities with your carriers and resellers using our invoice management automation tools, also known as Tangoe bots. Our bots streamline and simplify processes that are typically time-consuming, manual, and error prone. We process invoices in any form, reviewing and validating them for accuracy before making them available in the Tangoe platform. We can even pay the bills for you and properly allocate costs.

Optimization and Tangoe Renew

Optimize costs by auditing carrier contracts with Tangoe Advisory Services. Assess device sourcing and leasing benefits of Apple Financial Services. Add AppleCare to extend the life of your hardware through Tangoe’s Platform.

Maximize cash value of your aging Apple devices with Tangoe Renew buyback program, return logistics, and secure recycling. We make upgrading to the latest Apple device easy.

The Best Enterprise MMS for the Best Devices.

Do your employees use Apple devices for productivity or mission-critical business? No matter your situation, Tangoe for Apple meets you where you are.

Prepare Your Apple Devices For Working Remotely

IT leaders can set up devices for team members to work remotely or from home.

Apple at Work: A Smart Investment

Apple Devices Make Sound Financial Sense for Business

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