Tangoe’s New AI Engine Processes Invoices in 8 Seconds 

A single accountant can manually process an invoice in roughly 5-10 minutes but compare that to 8 seconds. That’s the difference between manual work and Tangoe’s groundbreaking new invoice automation system leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to rapidly capture, document, and verify key billing information.   Invoices are a cumbersome necessity for every business, particularly […]

3 Reasons Not to Do IT Cost Management In-House 

Here at Tangoe we see a lot of companies trying to manage their cloud spending, network and telecom expenses in-house. While most organizations can identify savings, acting on them is different story. IT and finance teams are notoriously overstretched, meaning they simply can’t get to the most critical work that turns insights into real dollars […]

IT Cost Management: Don’t Let DIY Kill Your ROI 

Outsourcing is all the rage, particularly in IT. But all too often, the cost savings of offloading work becomes the focus, rather than evaluating which team is best suited to deliver on the desired business outcomes. Deciding between a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and outsourcing comes down to careful considerations around:  When weighing your options, it […]

Dual Success: How One Client Cut Mobile Costs 41% then Landed a Dream Job  

It’s not every day that a Tangoe client becomes a Tangoe employee.   Meet Tyson Barker, the one who makes that rarity a reality.   Tyson always wanted a career in sales, and how he got there is a dual success story demonstrating how one company saved millions of dollars while one IT expert leveraged his knack […]

Clients Keep Coming Back to Tangoe —Here’s Why 

If you’re like me, you’re well acquainted with the great restaurant debate – do you stick with your favorite dish or do you venture out, trying the chef’s new special?   Sometimes exploring the new shiny thing leads to that yearning for what you already know and love, and the same can be said about Tangoe. […]

SD-WAN & SASE Call for Smarter IT Service Management

This article was originally published on CIO.com. Today’s digital era has triggered a mass modernization of corporate IT infrastructures. But in upgrading networks and security systems with technologies like SD-WAN and SASE, IT teams face a paradigm shift in managing a cacophony of new tools and service providers behind them. SD-WAN and SASE: Essential for Secure […]