Delivering Strategies and Expertise to Manage Technology Costs, Transform Network Infrastructure, and Secure Optimal Contracts

IT organizations face more challenges than ever when balancing overall technology cost reduction requirements with the rising transformation demands from Lines of Business. An already overburdened staff is quickly overwhelmed by the complexities driven by a never-ending flow of changes from mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures to new technology and restructuring.

Best Practices and Global Methodologies At Your Fingertips

Too often low visibility into market trends, offerings, appropriate service rates, and best practices prevent IT organizations from supporting network infrastructure transformation, securing the most optimal service provider contracts, lowering expenses, optimizing operating costs, and obtaining flexible network services.

In order to ensure the success of enterprise sourcing, network transformation and expense management strategies on a global basis, you need access to expert insights, benchmarks, global methodologies, and implementation support.

3 Core Solutions

Tangoe Advisory Services (TAS) is designed to help IT organizations drive down costs, deliver on network transformation solutions, and implement expense management solutions in even the most complex, global environments.

IT needs specialized solutions to overcome a lack inventory visibility, unstructured approaches to spend management, and immature usage governance policies. TAS provides those customized solutions and assists global IT organizations in implementing best practices in expense management.

Three distinct, customized service offerings, have been carefully engineered from Tangoe’s 20+ years of experience to support:


Strategic sourcing of world-class service provider contracts on a global basis

To ensure the highest quality and lowest cost service provider contracts, minimize risk, and reduce operating costs, the TAS Sourcing Team leverages an industry-leading rate database and a wealth of experience.


Implementation and success of network transformation initiatives

As companies work to deploy business innovation initiatives and migrate data centers and applications to the cloud, they often find their current network infrastructure lacks the capability to handle these processes. The Tangoe Advisory Services Transformation solution helps your team identify, prepare for, implement, measure, and monitor these network transformation projects.


Application of expense management best practices and technology expense categories like cloud

You want to ensure the on-going success of your expense management strategies. Tangoe Advisory Services Consulting solution delivers regular assessments to help you identify potential gaps and review for optimization and possible expansion to include new expenses.

Discover how Tangoe’s expert consultants can help accelerate your expense management success.




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