Tangoe One Cloud

No matter the size of your organization, cloud costs, consumption and security risk continue to grow. You need to be prepared to handle the challenges that come with implementing multi-cloud solutions so that your investment doesn’t outpace business growth. 

Tangoe One Cloud is the industry’s first and only end-to-end software solution that provides full lifecycle Cloud Expense Management in one single platform for IaaS and UCaaS. This includes: inventory, invoice, expense, usage, license management, optimization recommendations and expert support teams. This includes: inventory, invoice, expense, usage to license management, automated optimization recommendations and expert support teams. Robust reporting, analytics and real-time alerts allow you to easily track, analyze and maximize your investments. Powerful automation generates instant cost saving recommendations and other actionable insights that that deliver ROI, drives innovation, digital transformation, productivity, operational efficiency and an improved competitive edge. 

What does Tangoe One Cloud do for you?

You get the tools you need to simplify, manage, optimize and secure your multi-cloud environment in one place. A single source of truth to show you what you have, need and use to avoid wasteful spending and allocate costs and resources with certainty. And a vast array of technology integrations makes it easy to interact with your systems. 


Simplify CEM with essential tools that eliminate manual tasks, embedding automated workflows and standardized data that links all cloud expenses to their appropriate assets and cost centers. 


Manage cloud efficiently with customized reporting, analytics daily alerts to help you respond to potential concerns proactively, identify trends and forecast future needs. Gain complete visibility and control to achieve successful outcomes with speed and accuracy.


Optimize your cloud spend and resources by getting instant, automated cost-savings recommendations that will help you scale or right-size your business, allocate resources, and get the most value from your multi-cloud eco-system. 


Secure your cloud ecosystem with strict governance protocols that strengthen compliance and security to eliminate overspending, protect your business and intellectual properties. Guidelines are based on industry, geographies, business initiatives, frameworks, and regulations.

Reimagine your cloud eco-system to reach its fullest potential.


Manage, track and analyze all Cloud Infrastructure expenses, assets and usage in one easy-to-navigate application. Allocate and chargeback costs tagged to the right cost center. Unleash the power of AI Optimization recommendations to reveal instant cost savings based on +500k different pricing schemas. 


Get unmatched Usage Reporting & Analytics for improved cost management, traffic monitoring, trend tracking, fraud, abuse, misuse identification and more. Automate invoice and expense management processes to drive transparency, accountability and financial integrity. Identify usage discrepancies and validate charges using Vendor License Management reports. 

Reporting & Analytics

Advanced, near real-time, on-demand and customized reporting for authorized users that drills down to every detail, providing visibility into your Cloud IaaS and UCaaS ecosystem in one platform and allows you to get as granular or high-level of views as necessary.