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The Pocket Guide to Perfecting Work from Anywhere

WFA white paper in jacket pocket

Work from Anywhere is in; conventional nine-to-five is out. The modern workplace continues to change, and for many organizations, their approach to working are big departures from the physical “office.” Today’s workplace is now a constellation of employees working from remote locations across the globe.

Whether it’s working from the beach, from the car, or from a client’s conference room—the global workforce has mobilized, and their employers are playing catch-up. Here’s what they’ve realized: With laptops, tablets, cellphones, and a suite of remote work technologies, the entire world is your office.

In this white paper, we will dive into:

  • The rise of remote work
  • Top five reasons Work from Anywhere strategies fail
  • Creating a go-forward plan
  • How Tangoe can help
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