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Global BYOD Case Study: A Fortune 50 Success Story

When a global enterprise’s telecom expense management (TEM) partner ran out of solutions to simplify multiple device programs and increased enterprise BYOD adoption, the company turned to Tangoe for answers.

Read the full case study below, or download the condensed PDF version.


The Customer

This customer is a Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturer that markets its products in more than 180 countries. With more than 120,000 employees around the world, the organization considers global mobility management to be one of their top IT priorities.

The Challenge

This business challenged Tangoe to secure and centralize management of more than 17,000 devices within a variety of program types: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Blended Payment, and Corporate-Liable.

There were three main objectives involved:

  • Manage a combination of mobility programs – not just enterprise BYOD adoption.
  • Deliver exceptional user experiences in 30 countries and 20 languages.
  • Allocate mobile technology expenses in native currencies.

The Solution and Outcomes

With Tangoe’s managed mobility services, including solutions powered by Tangoe One, this client successfully centralized management of more than 50 global programs! This is one of our favorite BYOD success stories because of the complexity that was overcome.

Other key outcomes:

  • Automation reduced mobility program startup time from four weeks to two hours.
  • Global device kitting, configuration and logistics now deliver better user experiences.
  • Native currency conversion now automatically displays expenses in users’ currency and language of choice.


Below, the full mobility management and BYOD security case study explains the extra challenges that stood in the way of this client’s enterprise-wide goals, as well as the solutions employed.

The Customer’s Pain Points Had Piled Up

Attracting top talent and delivering a positive employee experience were top priorities for this customer, which is why they’d chosen enterprise BYOD adoption and combined it with other mobility program types. Prior to using Tangoe’s mobile solution, this customer had 11 employees dedicated to managing the company’s BYOD programs.

And they had an inefficient process for managing these fast-growing programs:

Once carrier invoices were received, program managers would reconcile expenses with their internal records and then reimburse employees individually through SAP, the company’s payroll software. Allocating expenses to the correct cost centers was a costly, time-intensive, manual task – especially when currency exchange was involved.

For this global company with thousands of devices used predominately outside of the United States, it quickly became clear that they needed a global enterprise mobility solution that prioritized BYOD management and security, could quickly scale programs in many countries and had features for fast employee onboarding (devices ready to go from day one).

That’s when they started a conversation with Tangoe.

The Tangoe Solution: BYOD Case Study

This customer chose Tangoe’s mobile application within the Tangoe One platform, knowing our industry experts would help with integrations and support. The solution was ideal because it centralized mobility-related data from many sources. This made it much easier to comprehend and control the impact of program decisions like switching carriers, enabling new devices, disconnecting zero-usage lines, and integrating with SAP to automate employee reimbursements.

Tangoe One was also perfect for this organization’s multi-national, multi-lingual needs. After implementing the solution, administrators and end users could view mobility management insights in their native language as well as English. Additionally, they had access to Tangoe’s industry-leading currency exchange technology, which allows users to view current and historical expenses based on historical exchange rates. For instance, if the user looks at a carrier expense from three months ago, she will see the expense in her native currency based on the relevant exchange rate from three months ago, not today’s exchange rate.

Lasting Results

After implementing Tangoe’s enterprise technology management platform, this customer gained control of more than 50 mobility programs in 30 countries and 20 languages. While it previously took 11 employees up to four weeks to get a new program up and running with different languages and currencies, it now takes less than two hours.

With centralized mobile-related data, automation rules, and Tangoe’s support experts, this organization lowered overall mobility program costs. And user satisfaction continues to increase today. On day one, new employees receive their laptop, company information, and ready-to-go smartphone.

Finally, the organization’s program managers now have time to focus on the future of their mobility program – not purely tactical tasks. Their newfound freedom to future-proof the business makes this a strong BYOD success story.

If your enterprise also needs strong managed mobility services and technology management solutions, contact Tangoe today or request a demo of Tangoe One.

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