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Tangoe Advisory Services: Source, Audit and Consulting Services for Fixed, Mobile, and Cloud

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Technologies are changing at warp speed. IT departments are asked to do more with less. The macro-economic environment has ushered in a new swath of technologies required to support a globally distributed workforce. And digital transformation which we’ve heard about for year, is just accelerating in speed and scope. That is where the Tangoe Advisory Services team can be engaged to help across a variety of functions. What better way to see the art of the possible then to read the stories of a few of our engagements over the last several months. We have a staff of more than 60 experienced consultants, a database of $34B in revenue across hundreds of providers, services, and geographies. In the first half of 2022 our experts have exposed $120M in potential savings for our clients.

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The Right Deal with the Right Price


The Right Deal with the Right Price We partner with you to do the following:

  • Negotiate service provider contracts

  • Manage RFP processes

  • Conduct ROI analytics

  • Benchmark current spend and effectiveness

  • Identify operating cost reductions

  • Provide IT teams with greater flexibility

  • Minimize Risk

A $35B manufacturing company needed assistance/expertise in sourcing their U.S. mobile contracts with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Through direct contract negotiations, Tangoe was able to save the company $1.24M/year (19%).

An $11B retail client needed assistance in negotiating their Verizon Business agreement. Tangoe engaged in direct contract negotiations on the company’s behalf and delivered $1.4M/year in savings (25%). 

A $1B finance company had no visibility over their offshore inventory. Tangoe’s consultants helped this customer identify and onboard the best vendors and services to meet their business needs in LATAM, APAC and NOAM regions.

Accurate Inventories So You Don’t Overpay


We partner with you to do the following:

  • Conduct historical audits to gain a comprehensive view of assets and spend

  • Recommend ways to optimize inventory and rate reductions

  • Identify savings via data discovery projects

A $43B medical device company wanted to identify savings while cleaning their Inventory. In consultation with Tangoe’s expert advisors, the company’s inventory was backfilled and cleaned up. Tangoe added over 30 custom fields to better track their inventory and discovered $2.2M in potential savings.

A $17B pharma company need a holistic view of their inventory and the expertise to identify and authorize changes. Tangoe experts identified $1.1M in savings and provided the ongoing support to realize those savings.

A technology company with 8,000 employees needed to right size their wireline services. Tangoe advisor conducted an audit to right size their fixed assets and identified 30% in potential savings from unnecessary features, services out of contract, services billing in closed locations and duplicate services.

Tap into Experts to Gain a Competitive Advantage


We partner with you to do the following:

  • Augment your team to support or project manage a migration to a new technology

  • Advise on current technology solutions and digital transformation initiatives

  • Leverage experts to help define the strategy, plan, and execution of emerging technology adoption

A multinational investment management corporation with over $10 trillion worth of assets under management needed to implement a managed device migration with limited internal resources. Tangoe’s advisors augmented the company’s staff with a full-time mobile engineer resource to support the MDM migration.

A $50B networking hardware company needed EMEAR script alignment using Canadian Logic. Tangoe’s experts provided engineering support through staff augmentation to align mapper in EMEAR based on Canadian Logic.

A pharmaceutical company with 17,000 employees had limited resources to support an iPhone Rollout for new acquisitions. Tangoe’s consultants augmented the company’s staff with a full-time mobile expert resource to support the iPhone rollout.