Tangoe Launches Inaugural 2021 Market Trends Report

Tangoe Launches Inaugural 2021 Market Trends Report

Tangoe Launches Inaugural 2021 Market Trends Report

Highlights, insights, and analysis from billions in worldwide IT spend


Indianapolis, IN – February 2, 2022 – Today, Tangoe, a market leader in technology expense management and managed mobility services, announced the inaugural release of their 2021 Market Trends Report. The report features data, insights and trends in the IT industry amassed from the billions of dollars in IT spend that the company manages on behalf of its global client base.

“I am so pleased to publish our first Market Trends Report and share these insights with businesses of all sizes,” said Eric Witt, VP of Advisory Services at Tangoe. “Keeping up with the pace of digital transformation can be challenging without a fundamental knowledge of evolving market trends and influences. Tangoe’s 2021 Market Trends Report is a single source of truth for CIOs and IT leaders looking for key insights to support their strategic initiatives and drive innovation.”

Tangoe’s team of IT advisory experts collects and analyzes millions of IT invoices spanning voice and data (fixed and mobile) and cloud to identify trends and help businesses optimize their IT model. Tangoe manages thousands of clients (including half the Fortune 500), 13 million devices and $13 billion in technology expenses every year.

A few highlights from the 2021 Market Trend Report include:

  • Spending on UCaaS, security and hosting has increased 25% YOY
  • Internet rates are declining in double digits
  • Interstate SIP rates declined on average of 25% YOY
  • MPLS rates are declining in all regions globally with the US seeing 1GB ports or greater down 30% YOY

The report includes market trends that are driving both buying behavior and the corresponding pricing strategies. In 2021, IT organizations were stretched thin with the pressure to innovate and digitally transform their companies, all while managing a distributed workforce that required new tools to drive productivity. The technology shifts to SD-WAN and 5G are also having an impact on the rate of change within broadband pricing.

Tangoe Advisory Services offers consultancy to businesses worldwide seeking insight and support in managing their IT expenses, negotiating the best rates and identifying solutions to drive positive outcomes for their organization.

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To download the full 2021 Market Trends Report, click here.

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