Tangoe introduces playbook to combat high costs of POTS business phone lines

Tangoe introduces playbook to combat high costs of POTS business phone lines

Tangoe strategists help customers navigate through cost burdens of legacy voice services

Indianapolis, IN – April 20, 2021Tangoe announces its latest playbook to address the skyrocketing costs of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) business lines.

POTS business lines are traditional public switched telephone network lines which for decades were the only means of real-time two-way voice communication. While declining in use, POTS lines can still command a large portion of a business’s telecom spend – Tangoe reports an average 30%.  Factors like industry and company spend may affect percentages.

Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs), which deliver most of these services, have raised tariff pricing on these services upwards of $400 for a single business line.

Tangoe produces a webinar series to help its customers minimize the cost impact of these legacy services for businesses.

“Millions of businesses continue to use POTS lines and those that do will continue to experience rising costs,” said Eric Witt, Tangoe VP of Advisory Services. “Tangoe has a proven strategy to help control these telecom costs now as well as enable business to position themselves for the future. We can help eliminate the pain caused by POTS line pricing and keep your organization running efficiently.”

Advancements in online communication technology and strategies, including instant messaging, mobile and IP-based voice services, have created many other options and offer telephone services at a lower cost than POTS. The shifting tech culture and cost-effective use have driven businesses to look for better options.

Tangoe provides experienced technology consultants that specialize in cost reduction and contract negotiation. The expert-level team examines legacy services, recommends new, less expensive alternatives, guides customers through competitive market rates, and negotiates with carriers. Additionally, Tangoe offers data and insights to help build a long-term telecom strategy and steer away from the rising costs of POTS lines.

“Strategically, it’s about ROI and controlling what you use,” continues Witt. “We see businesses spending money on services they don’t want, don’t need or sometimes even know they have. Tangoe knows exactly how to identify what is needed, minimize that burden, and then use the money for other, more important things.”

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