Tangoe Further Expands Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Expense Management Offering

Tangoe Further Expands Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Expense Management Offering

Newest Addition to Tangoe One Cloud Solution Helps Customers Drive Productivity, Accelerate Cost Efficiencies and Prevent Fraud in Today’s Work-from-Anywhere Environment


Indianapolis, IN – August 10, 2021 – Securing its position as a market leader in technology expense management and managed mobility services for the enterprise, Tangoe today further expanded its Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) Expense Management offering. An extension of the Tangoe One cloud solution, the technology is specifically designed to help companies navigate the complexities of a new work-from-anywhere environment where efficient real-time communications, discussions and collaborations are critical.

Tangoe’s UCaaS solution ensures organizations stay productive, and confirms technology is being used appropriately, while maximizing investments and streamlining costs. Leveraging the power of cloud, it delivers accurate, near real-time expense management alongside advanced reporting, analytics and alerts. Taking charge of popular cloud-driven, unified communications expenses like Zoom and other platforms, enterprises can drive new levels of productivity and accelerate their bottom line.

“As the workforce undergoes a rapid and massive transformation to a hybrid model where employees seamlessly switch between work at home or at the office on a day-to-day basis, companies must make business communications ubiquitous, unified, and ever-available to keep people connected,” said Hyoun Park, CEO and Chief Analyst, Amalgam Insights. “Expense management solutions designed to optimize Unified Communications as a Service investments ensure that all relevant employees have the communications tools they need while providing organizations with vital visibility into how cloud-based UCaaS usage affects the company’s financial bottom line.

Tangoe’s UCaaS solution integrates disparate communications strategies and solutions into a unified, fully featured offering. Eliminating the complexity of managing enterprise UCaaS programs, it builds on Tangoe’s decades-long track-record of technology expense management with a feature-rich suite including cost and usage management, traffic, trend monitoring and analysis, rate plan and pricing validation and invoice processing and payment.

“For years, customers have chosen to partner with Tangoe to maximize their technology investments. We realize how important it is for organizations to secure a holistic and near real-time view into their technology expenses, which is why Tangoe One has been so well received,” said Yaakov Shapiro, Tangoe Chief Product Officer. “This means offering solutions that not only meet challenges of today but prepare them for whatever comes next. Our UCaaS solution is the newest – but not final – addition to an ongoing journey to help companies stay productive with technology, reduce expenses and enhance their bottom line in the age of cloud and beyond.”

By implementing Tangoe as part of Cloud Expense Management efforts, customers are better prepared to respond to the latest market trends and technology changes. Key features include:

  • Accurate cost allocations and chargebacks for greater financial integrity and
  • Scalable, centralized billing with automated invoice and AP/GL file processing and
  • Granular visibility into cost and usage to shape well-informed, data-driven
  • Fraud, abuse and misuse identification for improved security and
  • Call center, customer service and help desk monitoring to measure productivity – pinpointing where resources must be allocated with flexible reporting and traffic
  • Expert Advisory, including benchmarking analysis and rate/usage optimization
  • Easy integrations with accounting and HRIS

UCaaS Expense Management ensures companies work smarter – eliminating the complexities of managing enterprise UCaaS programs; save money – offering insight to streamline spending and pay only for what’s being used; be confident – delivering full control and visibility into all Unified Communications as a Service programs to protect employees and the bottom line.

Tangoe’s UCaaS offering is available now. To learn more about the power of Tangoe and how it can prepare your business for whatever comes next, visit our site or read the latest Tangoe blog.


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