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Tangoe Atlas 18.3 Provides Greater Control and Efficiency of Enterprise Technology

Platform Delivers Superior Insights, Capabilities and User Experience for Expense Management, Asset Management, and Reporting

PARSIPPANY, NJ, September 27, 2018Tangoe, the world’s leading technology expense management company, with award-winning solutions for managing telecom, mobility and cloud expenses and assets, today announced Tangoe Atlas 18.3. Tangoe Atlas delivers business intelligence for expense management, asset management, and reporting of telecom, mobile and cloud expenses and assets. Tangoe Atlas 18.3 has 130 enhancements drawn from customer requests and enterprise requirements for increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving predictable results. Tangoe Atlas 18.3 demonstrates Tangoe’s commitment to providing customers the highest-quality TEM solutions in the industry.

“Tangoe listens to our customers and provides them the best TEM experience. Our customers are excited about Tangoe Atlas 18.3, it gives them  better control and visibility into their technology assets than ever before,” said Bob Irwin, CEO, Tangoe. “Tangoe Atlas is the first enterprise-grade technology solution that empowers customers to manage all technology expenses and assets in one platform. From telecom to mobile to cloud , Tangoe Atlas provides a complete view of all technology expenses and assets. Using one platform for all expenses and assets streamlines expense management, giving customers one source of data and powerful analytics for decision-making and business planning.”

Tangoe Atlas 18.3 includes new usability, automation and operational enhancements:

  • End-User Portal: Customers can customize their portal and easily access data and information. In a single screen, users can view a snapshot of their work queue, expenses, asset usage and more.
  • Auto-Disconnect on Assets: Users can automatically set an asset’s status to inactive, keeping their asset library up-to-date, avoiding waste and reducing manual effort.
  • Customizable and Automatic Reporting: Users can automatically run and share the most up-to-date data. They can leverage a library of pre-built templates or easily customize reports and schedule them for automatic distribution to the right people at the right time.
  • Employee Hierarchy Reporting: Reporting content is automatically modified based on the role of the recipient. Manager reports provides expenses for their direct reports or all the employees within their reporting hierarchy.
  • Quoting Analysis: New quoting analytics allows users to compare vendor quotes for detailed analysis, so users can make more informed business decisions.
  • Integrated Journal Entries: Tangoe Atlas integrates with accounting systems, allowing customers to submit approved accounting transactions that go above and beyond basic invoice-level allocations. Users can streamline their workflow by processing accruals, reversals, charge-backs, allocations, scheduled transfers and more directly from Tangoe Atlas.
  • Account-Level Charge Spreading: Users can distribute account-level charges to the assets associated with the same account, ensuring assets reflect their proper charge from an invoice.

Tangoe Atlas is one of Tangoe’s three platforms, providing superior technology expense management for every company’s unique needs. Tangoe Atlas is joined by Tangoe Rivermine, a highly-configuratble platform for global customers with complex technology environments; and Tangoe Asentinel, a highly-automated platform for customers looking for an easy to use, out-of-the-box solution for technology expense management.


ABOUT TANGOE: Tangoe is the global standard for America’s greatest brands. Tangoe customers trust them to optimize more than $35 billion of technology expenses and manage the lifecycle of more than 10,000,000 technology assets. Tangoe’s customers cite five reasons Tangoe is their preferred solution:

  • Customers – Tangoe has earned the trust of a who’s who of America’s greatest companies.
  • Technology – Tangoe offers a modern, cloud-based, advanced-architecture technology platform.
  • Savings – Tangoe leads the industry in one-time, continuous, and total cost savings.
  • Global Reach – Tangoe serves the global needs of the largest, most sophisticated companies.
  • Customer Service – Tangoe has multiple quality initiatives delivering ever-better service for customers.

Tangoe is the industry leader. They optimize more technology expenses and manage more technology assets than their next three competitors, combined.