What is IaaS Cloud Expense Management (CEM) and what are the benefits of a CEM Software?

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) expense management is a full lifecycle solution that provides cost and invoice management, inventory analysis, cost allocations, charge backs, AP/GL file integration, usage management, optimization recommendations and the option of bill payment.  

CEM for IaaS software automates manual and inefficient financial operations for expenses, assets and usage within this spend category. It allows a business to gain visibility and control over their complex and costly IaaS environments to eliminate wasteful spending. The solution that provides comprehensive, centralized reporting and analytics that identify usage and spending spikes as well as capacity across an organization. Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS leverages the power of AI, ML and RPA to help enterprises simplify, manage and optimize these expenses in order to properly allocate resources, scale their business and maximize ROI.  

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What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service?

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a fully outsourced cloud computing service model with managed, owned / leased hosting and development environments. Resources (such as compute, network, and storage hardware) that may have been previously hosted on premise or in data centers are now being hosted in public, private or hybrid cloud on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Companies chose to move their resources to the cloud to drive efficiencies and scale and savings. However, rising costs have made IaaS a very large IT expense. Web hosting companies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud are all IaaS providers.  

What is ITFM (IT Financial Management)?

Information Technology (IT), is a significant expense for most organizations as it uses many partners, and vendors / service providers across its’ organization to manage all Cloud environments (IaaS, SaaS, UCaaS and PaaS). The field of IT financial management (ITFM) oversees IT expenses, assets and usage in order to drive cost savings, governance, compliance, operational efficiencies, workforce productivity, as well as scale / right-size your business.

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What is IaaS Usage Management?

IaaS Usage Management delivers best practice guidance on tagging policies and methodologies for cost governance. This includes tag exception reporting, alerts and data usage reconciliation to ensure that you’re using your cloud resources effectively and driving value for your business. With IaaS Usage Management, IT departments can easily allocate costs (with markups) to the appropriate departments and individuals to drive business accountability and total cost recovery. 

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What is IaaS Inventory Analysis?

IaaS Inventory Analysis provides a centralized, consolidated view and assessment of all billed IaaS service inventory, spend and credits as part of a CEM (Cloud Expense Management) solution. The correct cost center should be applied to each service based on your business rules, whether tags are initially applied accurately or not. With Inventory Analysis, you gain a clear understanding of your technology investment so that you can effectively track, manage and optimize your infrastructure environments within your organization’s ecosystem. 

What is IaaS Invoice Management?

IaaS Invoice Management provides the tools you need to stay on top of your Cloud invoices, identify billing inaccuracies, and keep track of your resources with ease, speed and efficiency. It gives you a consolidated view of actual costs, projections and IaaS environments across your entire organization. Invoice Management includes automated invoice processing from invoice acquisition to validation, approval and cost allocation. Stepbystep workflows include generating an AP/GL file from processed invoices and loading them into an organization’s financial, HRIS and payment systems via integrations. Allocations are pre-configured and automatically applied to every invoice across cost centers.  

What are Tangoe One Cloud Alerts & Continuous Monitoring?

UEM relies on application performance indicators (APIs) to monitor endpoint device behavior. UEM does not actually handle endpoints and applications. Rather, the integrated system comprises a single platform for the deplAlerts allow users to set notifications identifying Cloud usage and costs with daily updates in near-real time. Continuous monitoring is an automated process by which IaaS usage and cost spikes are monitored on an ongoing basis. Both daily alerts and continuous monitoring are based on customizable, pre-established thresholds. These insights allow for early intervention and drive strategic business decisions that impact your bottom line. Having this level of visibility helps ensure that your IaaS spend does not overreach IT budget or exceed company growth.  yment and monitoring of endpoints. It helps with the protection and security of enterprise applications and endpoints.  

Laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices, such as mobile computers used in retail businesses are examples of unified endpoints. UEM manages and secures these endpoints into a single console in the same system. In practice, UEM relies on application performance indicators (APIs) to monitor endpoint device behavior.  

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What are UEM security benefits?

UEM offers several security benefits. By providing a unified point of visibility, UEM enables security managers to monitor all endpoints, efficiently and in real time. Additionally, by enabling centralized definition, execution, and monitoring of security policies, UEM makes it easier to enforce security controls than is possible with multiple endpoint security tools.  

IaaS Bill Payment

What is a Bill Payment Solution?

A Bill Pay Solution offers standardized, automated invoice payment processing and reconciliation across all service providers in a centralized platform. This includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Bill Pay simplifies managing AP/GL expenses for enterprises of all sizes, within a seamless and intuitive user-friendly environment. The benefit of outsourcing bill payment is to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes, cash flow inefficiencies, wasteful spending (i.e. late fees) and help minimize service interruptions that compromise business continuity.  

What do IaaS Expense Management features consist of?

IaaS Expense Management features within a CEM solution provides complete control and visibility over your Cloud Infrastructure so that you know exactly what you have and only pay for what you need and use. Included is the following functionality:  


Cost allocation, chargebacks and AP/GL integration 


Active cost center maintenance and account tracking 


Budgeting support 


Cost Analysis  


Near real-time, customized reporting and analytics  


Integrations with enterprise ITSM, HRIS, ERP, and AP systems 

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What are some of the key benefits of these features?

Budgeting support allows users to set their own Cloud IaaS budgets and compare them against actual spend. Cost Analysis dashboards identifies all billed cloud resources across all vendors, normalizes the data, and consolidates the information into one centralized database categorized. Spend reports link usage costs to the right departments, projects and cost centers. Detailed reporting and analytics for a complete view of all available Cloud IaaS resources. 

What is IaaS Optimization?

IaaS optimization is the process of identifying potential savings opportunities and decreasing cloud infrastructure costs by eliminating wasteful spending. This is accomplished by removing misused, unnecessary and/or decommissioned resources. Automated optimization delivers cost savings recommendations via AIembedded software that you instantly act on. Digitizing the process drives accuracy and efficiency, with on-demand reporting and analytics that result in greater savings and discounts to right-size and/or scale your business. 

What other features come with IaaS Automated Optimization?

Onboarding, right-sizing, resource decommissioning, other optimizations such as resource scheduling, reservation purchase and portfolio management, the ability to create individual or multi-tenant and limit data visibility per user account. 

other features

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