Benefits of SaaS Management Software

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What are the benefits of SaaS Management Software?

One of the primary benefits of SaaS Management Software is to help IT teams identify and prevent shadow IT. This refers to the unauthorized procurement, deployment and use of digital services or devices (i.e. cloud-based software) to circumvent a central IT department. If not addressed, shadow IT can expose an organization to compliance and security threats.  

Features like Shadow IT Discovery offer users a systematic way of collecting data from SaaS applications. Real-time alerts, continuous monitoring and detailed SaaS Management analytics that integrates directly with SSO and ID providers, financial systems and SaaS apps are essential to providing complete visibility of user activity. Virtual Desktop Agents can track device info, apps installed, and time spent on each app. Browser extensions then run on your end and captures activities, finally reporting them to the SMP (SaaS Management Platform) server for comprehensive analysis.  

How can an enterprise simplify the SaaS ordering process? 

Having the ability to choose from an extensive selection of SaaS apps that aren’t part of their company’s SaaS portfolio and being able to place a request to order the app right from within the platform, streamlines and speeds up the procurement process. Once approved, IT then assigns SaaS licenses based on the for quick set up. This feature is helpful because it eliminates having to input hundreds of SaaS requisition, approval, and revocation tickets manually.   

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How does a SaaS Management Platform help secure your SaaS portfolio and improve the selection process?

A SaaS Management Platform allows IT to control consumption and costs while maintaining security, compliance and governance protocols with role-based access / permissions. Shadow IT Discovery identifies any potential risky behavior such as app abuse/misuse or unapproved installations that may pose security threats. Users are also given details and recommendations on which SaaS apps may be right for them when requesting new apps, so no need to conduct manual research.  

SaaS Management Platform

How do instant notifications and continuous monitoring help IT and (IT) Finance Teams manage their SaaS portfolio?

Real-time notifications and monitoring provide cost and usage visibility, control, driving process efficiencies that help business leaders make forward-thinking, well-informed decisions. Ongoing action triggered alerts tell you when it’s time to decommission a SaaS app, when one is out of compliance, or when it’s time to prepare for an audit 

Usage Management

What role does Usage Management play in SaaS Management?

SaaS Usage Management (or Call Accounting) Teams work with IT and (IT) Finance Teams to provide financial and accounting operations best practices when it comes to managing SaaS spend and SaaS operating costs. SaaS Usage Management features enable accurate cost allocations across departments to help drive business accountability and total cost recovery. Cloud Usage Management teams can also provide recommendations on tagging policies and cost governance with enhanced exception reporting that maximizes the efficiency of SaaS app usage and assets.   

How does SaaS Management Software impact line of business managers?

Since SaaS apps are critical to employees across an entire organization, every business unit benefits, regardless of whether it’s managed, unmanaged or Shadow IT. The use of SaaS Management Software automates many manual tasks and delivers a level of transparency and control that drives productivity, process efficiencies and therefore workforce satisfaction and retention.  

Employee On-and-Offboarding allows users to get set up quickly and easily, while IT can control permissions to protect data privacy. An extensive catalogue of both direct and 3rd party integrations allows users to choose the SaaS apps they need, and request a new app/place an order quickly and easily under the supervision and guidance of IT.  

How does SaaS Management Software impact procurement processes?

Procurement can streamline SaaS Vendor Management and SaaS Renewal Management with automated workflows, approvals and timely alerts when contracts are up for renewal. With access to current benchmark data, they can also negotiate better terms and rates with every SaaS vendor to reign in SaaS spend and SaaS operating costs. With SaaS License and Contract Management, IT and procurement teams can also access all contracts in one central location, managing contract and payment timelines.  

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