Combatting Uncertainty With Cloud Clarity

We’re all becoming more adept at moving from one period of uncertainty to another. The pandemic seemed to halt us in our tracks, yet digital transformation picked up the pace to accommodate remote work and new business processes. Cloud spending increased during the pandemic as a great facilitator and yet despite bull markets taking an […]

One Size Does NOT Fit All: Why Your Organization Needs a Purpose-Built Solution

When it comes to managing telecom, cloud, and mobility software and services, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  A recent study published by Tangoe and coordinated by leading research firm Vanson Bourne has found that companies all seem to have a slightly different approach to IT expense and asset management. Some companies rely solely on […]

Smarter Cloud Expense Management is the New Imperative 

Sprawling shadow IT and rising cloud costs against harsh economic indicators are making it ever more challenging for IT professionals to wrap their arms and minds around their enterprise cloud environments – especially with manual processes. Eight in 10 (85%) IT professionals believe that eliminating manual processes would allow IT to focus on more purposeful […]

Tangoe One Mobile Now Hosted in Europe

We are thrilled to announce that Tangoe One Mobile is now available in a European hosted model.  Tangoe has deep roots in the European market for over twenty years and works with many large and medium enterprises, carriers, channel, and alliance partners.  Throughout Europe we have teams dedicated to serving both EU headquartered and remote locations of US multi-national […]

Survey Says … Economic Uncertainty is Creating IT Anxiety 

Facing harsh economic headwinds, cost-cutting initiatives are well underway across industries and concerns about economic uncertainty have executives bracing for a possible recession. The impact of this reaction to uncertainty is already being felt, with nearly 90% of IT leaders growing increasingly concerned with the potential impact on budgets and headcounts.  This comes at a […]

Sharpening your focus on Shadow IT in the cloud 

With cloud subscriptions and soaring costs exceeding expectations, having a grasp on a cloud IT environment has gone beyond the human resources of an IT department. From infrastructure as a service (IaaS) management of AWS and Azure environments to authorized and unsanctioned software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the business […]

The Bygone Days of BYOD Require a Smarter Approach to Mobile Device Management 

If left to employees bringing their own devices to work, businesses may be losing more than they’re saving in terms of money and time, while also sacrificing security and innovation. What initially seemed like a smart, cost-saving idea, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies have evolved to become sprawling management challenges for IT administrators that have never been […]

The Tangoe Edge: How Tangoe Helps Businesses Gain Their Edge

In order to thrive, businesses need to find their edge in the market and then exploit it. Professionally, individuals are more successful when they have an edge that makes them faster, better, and more informed. How people or companies get their edge happens in a myriad of way – from small incremental value to full […]

Contract Renegotiations, Audits, and Benchmarking Saving Companies Millions

‘Tis the season to start budget planning for next year and as with most IT teams, the first step is to find out where they can save. According to a recent study by Spiceworks/Ziff Davis, the outlook for IT spending in 2023 is generally strong, with 90% of respondents saying that they either planned to increase […]