Cloud Cost Management: The Ultimate 2023 Guide 

Effective cloud cost management is crucial for organizations that want to get the most out of their cloud investments. Without a well-planned strategy in place, cloud expenses can easily spiral out of control. Research from Gartner finds that without an effective cloud cost optimization strategy, organizations can overspend by as much as 70%.  Overspending in […]

Dual Success: How One Client Cut Mobile Costs 41% then Landed a Dream Job  

It’s not every day that a Tangoe client becomes a Tangoe employee.   Meet Tyson Barker, the one who makes that rarity a reality.   Tyson always wanted a career in sales, and how he got there is a dual success story demonstrating how one company saved millions of dollars while one IT expert leveraged his knack […]

5 Best Practices for Managing Your Mobile Fleet

This article was originally published on Here are five best practices for managing your mobile strategy, the fleet itself, and the costs.  The effective management of mobile devices is a game of high risk. While every company is dependent on their devices to generate revenue, they also increase vulnerability to ransomware attacks costing an average $4.5 […]

Clients Keep Coming Back to Tangoe —Here’s Why 

If you’re like me, you’re well acquainted with the great restaurant debate – do you stick with your favorite dish or do you venture out, trying the chef’s new special?   Sometimes exploring the new shiny thing leads to that yearning for what you already know and love, and the same can be said about Tangoe. […]

SD-WAN & SASE Call for Smarter IT Service Management

This article was originally published on Today’s digital era has triggered a mass modernization of corporate IT infrastructures. But in upgrading networks and security systems with technologies like SD-WAN and SASE, IT teams face a paradigm shift in managing a cacophony of new tools and service providers behind them. SD-WAN and SASE: Essential for Secure […]

Tangoe Funds New Innovation Using its Own Solution to Cut SaaS Costs $347K 

“Dogfooding” is a thing these days, and indeed you could say that Tangoe eats its own dog food. But while most software developers use their internal operations to test and control the quality of their product, Tangoe took a different approach. CIO Mark Troller implemented the Tangoe One Cloud Expense Management solution to make room […]

4 Tips to Cut Cloud Costs: IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS

This article was originally published on One of the key advantages of the cloud is cost savings, and yet cloud costs are on the rise and overspending by as much as 70% is commonplace, according to Gartner. Much like gyms make their money off members who never actually use the equipment, cloud providers profit from […]

5 Steps to Buckle Your IT Belt for a Bumpy Ride

This article was originally published on IT leaders should confront economic volatility by putting plans in place to optimize technology investments with a strategic focus on realignment and flexibility. When it comes to predicting the economic future, there are a lot of mixed signals right now, but one thing remains clear: Recession or no […]

New Patents Confirm Tangoe’s Innovation in Cloud and Telecom Expense Management 

Inventions are the cornerstone of innovation, and with two newly awarded patents, Tangoe continues to dominate the telecom expense management industry with the largest portfolio of intellectual property. Tangoe is celebrating this month, because we have tallied up our 66th and 67th patent to be exact. Here’s a quick summary of our protected groundbreaking inventions […]