Resourcive Partners with Tangoe to Create More ROI for Clients

Tangoe Serves as Strategic Partner Helping Resourcive Solve Problems for its Clients  

The Challenge

Shaping a Smart Strategy

When Resourcive, a Value Added Sourcing “VAS” consultancy, started developing an IT innovation plan for a new client, President Kyle Hall never thought he would have a partner helping him design and execute his plan, but he found that partner in Tangoe.

Hall quickly realized his new client was already using Tangoe’s IT expense management services. Tangoe had been strategically guiding IT investments, tracking services, costs, and their changing trends over time. Gaining access to that strategy would be essential for Hall, as this was the key to helping him shape an accompanying plan to expand on current successes.

“In most situations like these, it’s difficult to work with the vendor, but with Tangoe, it was incredibly easy,” Hall said. “They welcomed us and actually helped facilitate our new program design.”

The Solution

Mutual Benefits for Multiple Clients

Before this client, it was unclear how Resourcive should work with Tangoe, but once a mutually beneficial path was established, Hall recognized how Tangoe could accelerate value for every Resourcive client. “Since then, it’s been a ‘1 + 1 = 3’ scenario — not only for us, but for other clients as well,” he explained.

Now, Resourcive invites all its clients to use Tangoe’s expense and asset management platform as a fast and straightforward way to gain real-time insights into comprehensive technology purchases, including detailed information about each service or mobile device, how it is being used, as well as the related costs. The Tangoe One solution simplifies cost management for complex IT environments by consolidating cloud, telecom, and mobile device expenses into one centralized repository. With recommendations for cutting costs combined with AI-powered automation, optimization is faster and easier while managing expenses is also more productive.

The Outcome

Solving Client Problems while Generating ROI

“Tangoe serves as our strategic partner, where we can work together to solve high-level client problems. Our ability to work effectively and collaborate with Tangoe has helped us create meaningful ROI for our mutual clients.”

Plus, partnering with Tangoe was simple. As a partner-first company, Tangoe creates growth opportunities for Resourcive while strengthening their client relationships.