Managed mobility keeps retail merchandise moving off shelves

 Smarter device lifecycle management equips employees for better customer experiences. 

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The Challenge

With more retailers operating their businesses via mobile applications on phones, tablets, and customized handheld devices there is an ongoing need to refresh devices, authorized applications, and security on a regular basis. That’s especially true for one of the world’s largest big box retailers with over one million associates selling and moving merchandise from warehouses to stores to customer locations and everywhere in between. Keeping track of inventory, and meeting customer demand on time every time is job one, so having up-to-the-minute information and business applications at associates’ fingertips is fundamental to success.


mobile kits

 featuring iPads pre-loaded
with software, screen
protectors, chargers,
and tailored employee


kits shipped
per week

 (in bulk and single devices) 



 devices deployed to
3500+ stores 

The Solution

With the help of mobile fulfillment and logistics, mobile device management (MDM) with unified endpoint management (UEM) services from Tangoe, the company’s employees can keep operations running smoothly to meet and exceed customer expectations. Together with our channel partner, Tangoe helped the retailer with an annual mobile technology refresh in 2022, equipping 6,500 employees with preconfigured mobile devices tailored for their company roles.

In addition to arriving with ready-to-use business-specific applications, new devices are loaded with the latest version of operating system software and protected with the proper security credentials. By warehousing and packing each device with expert care, Tangoe conducted the heavy lifting associated with storage, procurement, employee training, and IT help desk functions so the retailer can focus on satisfying customer demand. The retailer also relies on Tangoe for telecom expense management (TEM) to negotiate cost-effective contracts with the top performing carriers for each geographic region:

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Mobile Fulfillment


Unified Endpoint Management

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Mobile Logistics

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Telecom Expense Management

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Mobile Device Management

The Outcome

This is the latest in a long line of managed mobile device updates since Tangoe began working with the retailer in 2018. With regularly refreshed point-of-sale (PoS) technology in hand, associates can fulfill online and in-store orders, moving merchandise efficiently and cost-effectively from warehouses and stores to customers doors without delay.