Investment Management Leader Chooses Tangoe for Complete Cloud Financial Management

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Tangoe’s CEM solution and white glove advisory services experts are chosen to help one of the world’s leading investment management firms bring financial accountability to cloud. 

The Challenge

An independent investment management firm dedicated to managing investments across a comprehensive range of asset classes, investment styles and geographies attempted to manage their cloud finances in-house. The cost management process was manual and very labor-intensive, with over 100,000 rows of data in a spreadsheet. Collecting data and aligning the data across all business functions was tedious and could only be done once per month. Lack of expertise, visibility, and reporting functionality hampered efforts at budget forecasting. The company’s total assets under management (AUM) is $1.35 trillion, with on-the-ground presence in 25 countries. 

With limited expertise in cloud cost governance and lacking expense management automation, the company knew it needed assistance. This company decided to seek out an IT expense management (ITEM) provider that shared its philosophy of finding savings and fostering business growth through progressive methodologies and innovative technology. After evaluating multiple vendors, the company chose Tangoe, the global leader in cloud financial management (FinOps). 


row spreadsheet tamed!

from an attempt to manage expenses in-house 

The Solution

Like many companies utilizing cloud, their IT budgets were spread across many groups within the organization, which made it difficult for IT decision makers to maintain visibility into where and how their budgets were being spent. Although the company was 90% optimized, there were still challenges surrounding financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud. An acquisition brought this painfully into focus when it was discovered that they had 26 different cloud accounts 

Tangoe’s differentiator as a FinOps expert, as well as our advisory services, was a crucial factor in the company’s decision. A dedicated project team was assigned to ensure responsiveness and personalized attention. In addition, our cloud expense management application’s feature set, intuitive structure, and robust daily reporting would be able to provide the company with the specific reporting structure that they required. 

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Complete Visibility

Through detailed reporting and filtering 

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Clear Understanding

of their technology investment and resources 

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Tracked Spending

as it relates to resource usage 

The Outcome

The company is beginning to take control of their financial cloud health by taking advantage of Tangoe’s unique ability to validate and optimize cloud resource expenditures. Tangoe is pairing their technology experts with the intuitive cloud expense management solution to provide ultimate accuracy and customer support. The company can decrease cloud expenses, avoid over-provisioning, complete IT infrastructure audits, eliminate human error, and maximize time and workflow streams.