International Industrial Gas Company Enlists Tangoe to Extinguish Flames of Out-of-Control Mobile Fleet

An international industrial gas company with over 19,000 global employees relies on Tangoe for fixed, mobile, and invoice management services.

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The Challenge

A large, international industrial gas company with nearly 20,000 global employees operating out of 21 different countries was struggling to manage the growing number of mobile devices and fixed telecom services, as well as the various invoices relating to each. In search of a solution, they found Tangoe.



across the globe


mobile devices

to be managed



in operation

The Solution

After onboarding with the company, Tangoe was first tasked with wrangling its mobile fleet of over 10,000 devices by creating an accurate inventory of all mobile devices. Tangoe also implemented its Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform to help simplify, manage, and optimize the company’s fixed telecom services and invoice management processes. With employees (and devices) in 21 countries around the world, Tangoe also launched customized Help Desk support for all employees.

Invoice Management

Automated Invoice Management

Designed workflow to eliminate manual processing and identifying savings opportunity

Help Desk_green

First-Touch Help Desk

Available in 10 languages to employees in 21 countries

Purple Help Desk Icon

Mobile Device Logistics Management

To help procure, update and maintain mobile devices across the company

The Outcome

Thanks to Tangoe, the company now has a firm understanding of their IT assets and costs, making it possible for them to effectively manage and maintain a global mobile program in a consistent manner. This revitalized program also ensures the company is able to protect their sensitive data and helped dramatically reduce spending.

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