Going Up? Global Elevator Leader Creates Smarter, Smooth-Moving, Sustainable Buildings with Help from Tangoe

As the construction industry faces labor productivity challenges, Tangoe helped improve the flow of people and materials from site to site, ensuring projects are completed faster and more efficiently.

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The Challenge

A global leader in the elevator and escalator industry needs to move people safely and efficiently through and between buildings across city centers worldwide, creating pleasant passageways for pedestrians in the process. As the construction industry faces challenges with labor productivity, the company is taking a lean digitized approach to help create smarter buildings and cities of the future, while making the sector safer and more sustainable than ever. Tangoe was enlisted to help improve the flow of people and materials from construction site to site, ensuring projects are completed faster and more productively.


Global employees

operationalized across

their business


Pre-configured mobile devices

deployed and managed


The Solution

With over 60,000 employees worldwide, the company relies on Tangoe to keep its business moving up by enabling smart business operations. Having the right data in-hand is essential to getting the job done from the start, and mobilizing the workforce is a key component of their operations. Tangoe provides over 10,000 pre-configured mobile devices with custom business applications for its global, mobile, union workforce, including Help Desk support to do their jobs to specification on every site. Tangoe takes care of procuring, warehousing, and shipping preconfigured devices and collecting them as workers come and go. The company also relies on Tangoe to recommend the best mobile carrier by regional coverage and Tangoe Advisory Services helps renegotiate contracts for the best rates around the world.


Highly Engaged Consulting

Expertise from Tangoe’s Advisory Services team

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Visibility and Control

Every device, every data point at their fingertips

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First-Touch Help Desk

Less downtime and around-the-clock support

The Outcome

By taking advantage of Tangoe’s Mobile Software, Help Desk, Logistics, UEM Management, Telecom Software, Telecom Fulfillment, Advisory Services, and Tangoe Pay, the company was able to better equip its workforce, make faster, data-driven decisions and work more productively. As a result, the company can now focus on more innovative ways to create more pleasant pedestrian passageways, moving people smoothly and safely through buildings to create smarter sustainable cities.