Tangoe One Cloud for UCaaS

Tangoe One Cloud for UCaaS

Tangoe One Cloud for UCaaS

Getting a handle on your usage, licenses and expenses has gotten more complex as the workforce is operating in primarily a hybrid model. With Tangoe One Cloud for UCaaS, you get essential tools, and insights to maximize the value of your UCaaS investment. Keep your organization connected and collaborating while driving operational efficiency, fiscal responsibility, compliance and cost savings.

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What does Tangoe’s UCaaS Solution do for you?

Provides comprehensive UCaaS expense, usage and vendor license subscription data & analytics combined with enterprise expense and invoice management. Know what you have, use and need to avoid wasteful spending. Allocate costs and department resources with greater confidence. Eliminate having to build your own reporting tools. Identify potential abuse, misuse and toll-fraud, and respond to legal inquiries quickly to adequately protect your employees, business and bottom line.



Simplify UCaaS management with essential tools that eliminate manual tasks, embedding automated workflows and standardized data that links all cloud expenses to their appropriate assets and cost centers.



Manage your UCaaS with customized Exception, Emergency, Organizational, Trend, Utilization, and Vendor License Management reporting and analytics and daily alerts to help you respond to issues proactively, identify trends and forecast future needs.



Optimize UCaaS spend and resources by getting instant, automated cost savings recommendation that will help you scale or right-size your business, allocate resources, and get the most value from your multi-cloud eco-system.



Secure your cloud ecosystem with strict governance protocols that strengthens compliance and security to eliminate overspending, protect your business and intellectual properties.

Control your UCaaS costs and connect with confidence.

Advanced Usage Reporting & Analytics

Gain key insights to enable cost management, traffic monitoring, trend tracking, vendor license management, fraud, abuse, misuse identification, legal dispute preparation and more. 

Invoice management

Scalable, centralized billing with automated invoice & AP/GL file processing and payment. Accurate cost allocations and chargebacks that integrates seamlessly with your business systems.

Expense Management

Analyze expenses by vendor, resource type, business unit, or employee and compare costs across vendors, projects, or time frames. Cost Analysis identifies all billed UCaaS resources, normalizes and consolidates the data in one central location.

Vendor License Management

View license usage and capacity. Validate charges to contracts with reports categorized by service provider and contract identifies any discrepancies.

Governance Protocols

Strengthen your corporate compliance and security measures with intelligent workflows and built- in risk mitigation. 

Tangoe One Cloud