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Weekly News Wednesday: Welcome to the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Moving forward, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will become fundamental to business success. In fact, more than 70% of organizations already consider these innovations a competitive business advantage.

As these technologies become more widely accepted and used, AI-driven bots will aid workers in brand-new ways. Enterprise labor productivity could rise as much as 40% in the not-so-distant future, enabling employees to make their workday much more efficient, strategic, and valuable.

If you don’t think AI has the potential to dramatically impact work—think again. Many companies are already evolving the business role of bots beyond repetitive task completion. Changes are occurring so rapidly that by next year 85% of all customer interactions could be managed independent of human interaction.

So, how are bots and AI impacting enterprise technology today? Let’s look at some of the media’s most compelling stories on the subject:

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