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Tips from Songwriting to Build Confidence with an IT Expense Management Solution

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin said, “If you’re not going to be confident, you might as well not even be doing it.” Believe it or not, there are tips to be gleaned from the art of songwriting you can use to compose an IT expense strategy with confidence.

Including IT expense management in a partner’s technology solution builds a natural confidence in the customer, confirming that they’ve made the right decision to work with you. This piece will break down those four layers of confidence and show you how to can help your customers find the right melody to simplify, manage, and optimize their IT spend with confidence.


In an issue of their newsletter The Weekly, songwriter organization BMI mentioned why being relevant in songwriting matters, “In the same way that your song’s language should be current, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to contemporary song structure, chords and melodies. Given that your song’s music – and in particular, its melody – will be the first thing that listeners notice, you can do yourself a lot of good by making sure your musical approach is up to date.”

The same is true of partnerships in IT expense management. To stay relevant in a volatile and global industry, you need to be able to help organizations sell more of what they already sell. This means providing tools that allow for wider visibility of It expenses and assets as well as being able to offer data and insights into current customer habits to help build on their strengths and current successes.


The songs that stick in your head and the ones that get remade over and over again aren’t usually complex compositions, they’re simple songs that are easy to digest and easy to listen to. Simplicity also goes a long way with your customers if you can make it easy to fit in with existing selling motions. Enterprises of all sizes are facing and increasingly complex IT landscape and offering solutions built on AI that can find inefficiencies in billing and in processes to help simplify operations. Simplicity also comes from taking rote tasks and other manual processes off employees’ plates letting them work on what they’re experts in.


For many songwriters, a catchy song provides value to themselves in the forms of royalties, but a great song also provides value to businesses by engaging customers with products and brands looking for new markets. Finding a great ITEM solution and partner can also provide value to the organization and to the customer. ITEM solutions can help companies save up to 60% annually on technology expenses.


With truly classic artists, you can recognize one of their songs in an instant. They’ve built careers by trusting their audience and being consistent with the quality of their work. If leaders in an organization don’t have trust that their technology partners are billing them properly, they’ll also lack confidence. By offering the tools an enterprise needs to put their trust in their vendors, you can give them the confidence needed to maximize their mobile and voice resources

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