Top ITEM Advisor Awards: Tangoe Recognizes Partner Success 

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Every year Tangoe recognizes our top-performing ITEM Partners for the previous year. These Partners are distinguished IT expense management consultants and trusted advisors who exceed sales goals by capitalizing on the value that Tangoe brings to their clients. They grow their business helping enterprises simplify, manage, and optimize their IT expenses. 

Congratulations to our top performers of 2023 and we look forward to a fantastic 2024! 

Top Advisor Awards for 2023 Achievements 

Opex Technologies 

Opex Technologies earned our highest sales achievement award by focusing their specialty on telecom expense management solutions and Tangoe’s Advisory Services, a team of 60 technology expense management consultants offering everything from cost savings assessments and project management to staff augmentation. Opex is consistently crossing the finish line to win the race. We’re honored to present the Opex team with an exclusive first-class trip to the Kentucky Derby. 

“Our team is honored and excited to be named Tangoe’s Top ITEM Advisor of 2023. This recognition is a testament to the partnership and collaboration our organizations have built together that ultimately benefits our mutual clients,” said Courtney Humphrey, CEO, Opex Technologies.  

We couldn’t be prouder to recognize the trusted advisors helping clients navigate confusion in the as-a-service technology marketplace. Thanks to your unmatched market expertise and data-driven processes, Tangoe’s end-user clients manage their telecom environments with better business outcomes.  

Socium Consulting 

Socium Consulting, a new Tangoe Partner in 2023, was immediately successful which has earned them Tangoe’s second highest sales achievement award. Socium quickly earned its way to the finals on center court by helping clients manage their telecom expenses and mobile devices. We’re proud to present the the Socium team with a first-class trip to the 2024 US Open Tennis. 

“Socium Consulting’s mission is to help our clients perfect FinOps. Tangoe’s telecom expense and mobility management solutions complement our mission and help our clients ensure they aren’t overpaying for IT services,” said Stephen Hancock, President, Socium Consulting. “Tangoe’s software and solutions address problems around usage and expense control that expand our addressable technologies for our clients. Socium is proud to partner with Tangoe to deliver on our mission.”  

Socium’s rapid success is exemplary of the urgent demand for visibility and control over IT expenditure. Their ability to drive quick wins signifies how Partners and clients alike can benefit from the simplicity, relevance, and value of Tangoe’s software platform and fully managed services.  

Unlocking Growth: Tangoe’s Partner Program 

As the industry’s first comprehensive expense management solution for cloud, mobile, and telecom technologies, Tangoe offers our Partners new growth opportunities for their business with the ability to close deals quickly. Some close deals in 40 days or less. For the first time, companies can get sweeping insights across their broader IT environment, uncovering new ways to reduce technology costs and simplify the complexity of managing financial information.  

With Tangoe One expense management software and services in their portfolios, our Partners expand their advisory services with top-of-mind cost-saving solutions for their clients. The Tangoe Partner Experience program works with Technology Services Distributors, Trusted Advisors, Global System Integrators Partners, and VARs to unlock growth and deepen relationships between partners and their customers.  

Learn more about the Tangoe partner program.  

About the Winners 

Opex Technologies  

Opex Technologies is a leading Technology Transformation Advisory firm for the as a Service marketplace to Investors, Business, and IT Leaders since 2004. The Opex team helps you identify, execute, implement, and manage as a Service projects faster and with better outcomes through data-driven processes and our unmatched market expertise, institutional knowledge, combined team experience, and in-house Opex IP. For more information, contact Opex or connect with on LinkedIn.  

Socium Consulting 

Socium Consulting is a leading provider of General IT and IT Finance consulting for Enterprise organizations around Network, Collaboration, Contact Center, Security, Productivity Licensing. and Cloud services. Since 2021, Socium Consulting has been helping our clients bring clarity to an increasingly complex and constantly changing world of IT. Through our 4-stage approach, including Assessment, Procurement, Financial, and Client Success, we support our clients through the entire lifecycle of an IT product. Our detail-oriented process gives our clients the data they need to make quick but informed decisions about their IT strategy. This and our Client Success services provide holistic support for our engagements. For more information, visit