The Human Factor: How to Better Optimize Your Team

The Human Factor: How to Better Optimize Your Team

The need for IT personnel is on the rise, and that is against the backdrop of the Great Resignation. More and more, companies need to develop strategies to keep their best people on their best projects, or risk losing them. The best way to keep good people is to automate the rote tasks that breed displeasure and burnout.  

Tangoe recently commissioned ZK Research to conduct a survey of industry professionals to inquire about the following:

  • How the Great Resignation is changing the way companies are thinking about work
  • Why the increased complexity of cloud and hybrid work is driving a new push for automation
  • Where companies see the largest digital transformation pressures

The Great Resignation is Actually a Migration

According to the survey, IT staffs have increased, but the churn remains high. IT leaders need to deploy unique strategies to benefit from this unsettled employment environment, keeping in mind that new professionals are entering the workforce and competition for this talent is great.

The survey also shows that respondents believe IT staff are highly valued, so as savvy companies pick up disaffected employees from the great resignation, they also need to provide the tools and insights needed to provide the most value to their new employees.

Building IT Confidence

With a majority of respondents reporting a lack of confidence that their technology partners are billing them properly and a lack of confidence in maximizing voice and mobile resources, a complete, end to end, IT expense and asset management platform paired with advisory services assure billing and asset management accuracy. Tangoe arms its clients and partners with the data, the insights, and the tools they need to proceed confidently in the changing IT world.

Cloud is Here to Stay

With $600B being spent on cloud services this year, it has become the fastest growing segment among the respondents. A strong cloud strategy paired with a robust ITEM solution provides companies with the confidence to be more aggressive and opportunistic with their cloud strategy. The pace of change is happening faster, and businesses need to anticipate the future.

Cloud/WFH & Hybrid Work

Related to cloud growth is the growth in work from home and hybrid work. Some of the biggest tech employers like Microsoft and Google are starting to push employees back to the office and workers are pushing back. Savvy organizations are finding solutions that give businesses the tools and insights needed to build a remote and/or hybrid organization that allows them to provide employees with the flexible work options they desire while still operating their organizations efficiently and confidently.

Complexity Doesn’t Discriminate on Size

This survey had a couple of findings that show opportunity for mid-size enterprises. The first is that smaller companies are more likely to use both telecom and mobile software to manage expenses and optimize resources. Organizations with 1000-5000 employees were the most likely to use both by a wide margin and present a great opportunity.

The survey shows that 45% of respondents are highly likely to consider outsourcing routine tasks for expense management. Of these, those companies with less than a $1B in revenue were 55% likely to do this compared to only 35% of those with $5B to $10B in revenue.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the future of work, and the benefits of automation for not only your bottom line, but your employee’s satisfaction and work life balance, read the report then reach out to a Tangoe specialist to start your journey.