Connect 2021 —Highlights, Insights, And More!

Connect 2021 —Highlights, Insights, And More!

We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who made Connect 2021 our most successful customer event yet. Here are some of the top highlights from across two days of seminars, Q&As, and in-depth analysis from our Tangoe experts and valued customers.  

CEO James Parker 

Our very own CEO James Parker kicked off the event with a look at major trends in four key areas: Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), 5G, cloud computing, and work-from-anywhere (WFA). .  “We’re focused on the convergence and extension of Tangoe’s capabilities in response to these shifting priorities across legacy product lines,” he noted, bringing attention to the way Tangoe’s offerings have evolved to meet the needs of its clients. 

CPO Yaakov Shapiro 

Mr. Shapiro kept the discussion going with a deep dive into Tangoe One, offering a comprehensive look at Tangoe’s unified array of offerings. Then, the surprise we’d all been waiting for: the announcement of Tangoe’s brand new Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering! 

Combining Tangoe One with lifecycle device management, DaaS allows companies to reduce cost of ownership for their devices while boosting productivity and lowering the expense burden on IT. Read more about this game-changing subscription model on our product page. 

Advisory Services VP Eric Witt and Director Keith Adabi 

Bringing their years of telecom experience to Connect, Eric Witt and Keith Adabi showed us the latest pricing trends among major carriers—what costs are rising, which are falling, and why. 

Customer Panel 

From the most in-demand innovations to the accelerating adoption of 5G, this customer panel—led by AOTMP Executive VP Tim Colwell—brought clarity to a wide array of topics. Post-COVID strategy and opportunities became a key topic of conversation in this engaging panel discussion. 

Guest Speaker—John “Gucci” Foley 

What do high-flying aerial acrobatics have to do with telecom expense management? Answer: Teamwork. Former Blue Angel pilot John “Gucci” Foley brought his one-of-a-kind perspective on building an ace team culture through a high-energy presentation and an informative Q&A session with our own CMO, Jill Ransome. 

Guest Speaker—Hyoun Park 

Amalgam CEO Hyoun Park kicked off day two of Connect with an intriguing question: How can we build more financially-responsible IT departments in an era of digital transformation? Park’s wide-ranging seminar touched on telecom expenses, FinOps, the shift from BYOD to BYO-Everything, and the cloud “puppy problem” in a connected, future-forward discussion. 

 “It was a pleasure to speak to the audience about taking on the trillion-dollar status quo challenges of IT so that they can optimize their spend and allocate IT budgets to future-facing and profit-enhancing investments,” noted Park, following the event.  

Breakout Sessions 

Led by Tangoe experts in telecom, mobile, and cloud and Rivermine development, these sessions took a granular look at the latest developments and product roadmaps across our flagship products. Each one brought detailed questions from customers attending these events as well as original poll results that added perspective to the expert insights. 

All the event materials and recordings from Connect 2021 are available for our existing customers on Learn, our customer education portal with hundreds of interactive, self-directed courses designed to help maximize a Tangoe investment. It’s free and there are hundreds of videos on our telecom, mobile, cloud, and Rivermine applications.