Six Ways MMS is Like a Golf Caddy

Six Ways MMS is Like a Golf Caddy

The role of a golf caddy is to assist and serve the needs of their assigned golfer. They’re not just there to lug around the golfer’s gear or keep score; golf caddies perform various roles while on the fairways, from acting as a player’s golf butler, friend, confidant, historian, course guru, and so much more. 

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why are we talking about golf? And what exactly does this have to do with Mobility Management Services (MMS)?” Well, a successful caddy will uplift a player, strengthen their game, act as a guide, and drive positive results, much like a successful MMS solution should for a business. 

Here are six ways Tangoe One MMS is like a golf caddy: 

1. Many golfers will ask many questions before they play any shot, and the best caddies will have an unmatched knowledge of the course and the game. Our clients can rely on us for in-depth carrier knowledge, pricing, and market trends

2. Caddies are always at a player’s side to help carry the weight – literally and figuratively – for a player. Tangoe One MMS automates the mundane tasks of ordering, auditing, help desk, and logistics, allowing for our customers to focus on the more important parts of their business. 

3. It is the job of a caddy to always stay two (or more) steps ahead of their golfer, ensuring they’re always ready with all the information a player needs when they approach the tee. Tangoe One MMS provides in-depth reporting for customers, simplified to just the click of a mouse, and optimized help desk and logistic features to enhance the employee experience

4. A core responsibility of a golf caddy is green reading; experience ensures they know the greens well and can clearly and precisely convey impactful advice and insights. Experience matters, and Tangoe has more experience than anyone in the business with more than 20 years’ experience and over 14 million devices skillfully managed globally. 

5. Caddies are also responsible for course maintenance, whether that means repairing divots that their player takes, raking the bunkers, or repairing pitch marks on the green. A powerful MMS solution will help detect anomalies and reconcile billing issues and errors with carriers

6. The best caddies understand the playing conditions of any course on any given day, always there to seamlessly adjust the yardages required to hit into greens. Tangoe’s MMS solution automates and streamlines contracts and invoice management, creating a smooth path ahead for the customer. 

A golf caddy’s mission is to help their player have a great playing experience from the moment they set food on the course, which often includes saving several shots during the round. Tangoe’s MMS solutions help our customers achieve their goals daily by creating a productive mobile workforce, securing their mobile fleet, and, of course, optimizing their time and money savings. 

Grab your clubs and let’s hit the course; with Tangoe by your side, you’re sure to have a great game.