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Simple Tips for Saving Money on Enterprise Technology Costs

Tips for Savings

COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, has pushed every enterprise in the world into uncharted territory; even companies in countries not experiencing outbreaks are likely to be affected by the economic fallout.

While enterprises must first and foremost focus on supporting their employees’ mental and physical health and wellbeing, as well as ensure people are able to stay productive and engaged during these uncertain times, it’s also important to keep the company running efficiently and responsibly.

These simple savings tips can help enterprises stay smart about how they allocate their spending and keep costs manageable.

  • Avoid overage charges as employees turn to their phone’s hotspot for connectivity by advising employees to use alternatives like Wi-Fi and broadband whenever possible.
  • The vast majority of business travel will be canceled or postponed in the coming months, so look at roaming packages and features to see if there are ways to pause or cancel roaming capabilities for quick savings.
  • Consider how other usage may impact costs and modify plans accordingly to optimize spend. For example, voice calling via landline and wireless devices has grown since the outbreak of the coronavirus, marking a reversal of previous trends in which the growth of texting, chat and social media had cut into talking via phone.
  • If paying for remote users’ broadband access, consider aggregators for cost savings.
  • Benchmark contracts and costs for service changes. Consider renegotiating terms to ensure your contract meets your evolving business needs.
  • Audit all services for erroneous feeds and incorrect billing charges.
  • Review all lines and circuits for zero usage and eliminate or suspend any that may come up.
  • Review contracts for opportunities and risks, including:
    • Rate review provisions
    • Business downturn
    • Payment terms
    • Commitment levels versus spend
    • Contract end dates
    • Force majeure
  • Understand baseline spend state and potential changes (near and longer term). Forecast impacts and optimize future states.
  • Have a rock-solid way to mitigate the risks and costs associated with data breaches by securing devices. Pair unified endpoint management solutions with a device management program for the best of both worlds.

If your enterprise simply doesn’t have the resources right now to take a deep dive into telecom and technology expenses, or if you’re unsure how to get started, remember Tangoe is here to help.