SD-WAN + TEM = Perfection


Networking technology seems to evolve every ten years or so.  In the early 1990’s it was Frame Relay which evolved into MPLS, since then, SD-WAN has taken over as the networking platform for businesses.  What started as a means to reduce costs by way of leveraging broadband has also resulted in companies gaining flexibility, increased security postures, and deep analytics.

SD-WAN allows you to leverage broadband connections at locations that don’t have the bandwidth requirements of a dedicated line.  Moreover, advancements in broadband technology have driven the performance to new levels and make it a viable alternative to the more expensive dedicated private lines.  The only downside to this is that you are now relying on different providers at each location.  Now you’ve gone from one contract and invoice to potentially hundreds. 

Be a Digital Transformer

Digital transformation is one of the top IT priorities for most enterprises of any size.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to swallow or easy answer, it’s more like a garden that needs constant tending to and is never done.  As soon as you digitize one part of your business it opens a myriad of other initiatives.  According to a study by Nemertes, only 35% of enterprises currently have SD-WAN deployed while another 50% of businesses are evaluating or actively implementing. 

TEM solutions assure correct billing, and last year Tangoe identified more than 7% of all carrier invoices with some billing irregularity.  TEM solutions also identify areas to optimize your services and even pay your invoices to avoid late fees. 

One Solution to Rule Them All

Companies are grappling with more than SD-WAN as UCaaS, mobile and cloud accelerate at warp speed.  Tangoe One is unique as the platform that can be leverage across your entire technology stack.  One set of business rules, one rich set of analytics and you get a holistic view across your enterprise of your precise inventory and expense needs.

Curious if technology expense management is right for your enterprise, then speak to a Tangoe expert today.