More Use Cases for Hiring an IT Cost Management Consultant


In this article series, we examine the top eight use cases for hiring an IT cost management consultant. Explore the first four use cases here

IT spending advisories provide the confidence of data-driven decision making, purchasing backed by the latest pricing benchmarks, and support at key transition points. Here are the top use cases for bringing in the IT budgeting experts. 

  1. Mobile Device Policies: Understand If and How You Should Shift Your Strategy 

What’s better for your organization: a corporate-ownership policy or a Bring-Your-Own-Device approach? More than 81% of IT decision makers say they will change their mobile ownership policy in the future. Shifting strategies are the sign of companies trying to balance the requirements of mobile security with the freedoms of employee choice and the cost avoidance of purchasing corporate mobile devices. Don’t miss new research findings on mobility management strategies

Right now, there’s no right or wrong approach to mobility management – it’s a matter of evaluating how well your current mobile strategy is working and what is best for your company based on your industry regulations, your security maturity, and a plethora of cost considerations. 

When it comes to considering what’s best now, many companies find they want the help of a mobile security expert as they take a closer look at governing the use of mobile devices, tightening cybersecurity, and controlling how and where employees perform their work. Tangoe’s Mobility Policy service steers clients through the assessment and execution of a corporate mobility policy, helping them navigate financial implications, policy development, and ways to improve adoption.  

Consultancies can help you: 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current mobile strategy, evaluating both security and operations 
  • Perform a cost analysis to understand the price difference between BYOD and corporate-liable approaches at your organization 
  • Put unified endpoint security programs into place to reduce the security risk of mobile devices 
  • Define the strategy and plan for switching mobile policies and then execute that plan 
  • Procure, prepare, and deploy mobile phones and devices enterprise wide 
  • Set up mobility management services to support the full lifecycle of all corporate devices 

Real Results 

A multinational investment corporation with over $10 trillion worth of assets under management needed to implement a mobile device management solution with limited internal resources. Tangoe’s advisors augmented the company’s staff with a full-time mobile engineer resource to support the migration. 

A pharmaceutical company with 17,000 employees had limited resources to support an iPhone rollout for new acquisitions. Tangoe’s consultants augmented the company’s staff with a full-time mobile expert resource to support rollout. 

  1. Service Transitions: Assure Goals are Met and Cutovers Run Smoothly  

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, upgrading to unified communications solutions, or moving from private to public network connectivity to cut costs, digital transformation projects require lots of transitions.  

Consultancies are good at designing, managing, and monitoring transitions to keep an eye on all the moving parts. Experts assure solutions meet your company’s goals and requirements, while advisory services tend to the day-to-day details making smoother cutovers for fewer interruptions with less impact on business continuity. 

  • Get assistance to evaluate, guide, and coach in the development and execution of transition plans 
  • Network Transitions: 
  • SD-WAN and SASE implementations  
  • SD-WAN alternatives and alternative access providers 
  • Global data network migrations 
  • Regional vs. global network models 
  • Communications Transitions: 
  • Transitions from TDM voice to SIP/VoIP solutions 
  • Establishing Unified Communications (UC) solutions 
  • Transitioning from outsourced models to alternative in-sourced/managed voice and data solutions 
  • Local PTT vs. alternative provider solutions 
  1. Staff Augmentation: Support In-House Teams at Critical Moments 

Changes are the new normal, and when IT teams need to implement emerging technologies, tighten security for the remote workforce, or transition systems in the name of IT modernization, administering those changes can distract internal teams from their primary work. Moreover, identifying opportunities to cut costs is one thing, but actually doing the work to turn those opportunities into recognized savings can be a big job. Companies need help acting on valuable data insights. 

Advisory services are prime targets for enabling companies to multiply their IT staff, so they can quickly respond to changing technologies and make action plans actually happen. Tangoe can provide temporary “boots on the ground,” in the form of our own experts to assist clients with a variety of projects, assisting with:  

  • Both project-manage and support 
  • Migrating to a new technology and implementing new systems  
  • Wide-scale technology deployments 
  1. Mergers & Acquisitions: Smooth Transitions to Capitalize on Your Investment 

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are an ever-present part of corporate evolution and capitalizing on MA&D activities means uniting and dividing a cacophony of systems, teams, and information. Efficiency and synergy are the key, and advisory services are experienced in navigating global MA&D processes, handling enterprise-scale administrative changes all while managing the associated IT service providers and technology vendors. 

  • Identify IT assets at both companies, understanding similarities and differences 
  • Join or separate services and assets 
  • Negotiate contracts as services change, expand, or contract 
  • Manage the process of transferring services and assets 

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