Key Takeaways from Tangoe LIVE 2020

Key Takeaways from Tangoe LIVE 2020

2020 has proven to be a challenging and transformative year – and Tangoe LIVE 2020 was no different. While transitioning to a virtual event in only a matter of months certainly came with its fair share of challenges, the experience was truly transformative and the opportunity to engage with our customers and exchange information was just as rewarding as ever.

From keynotes and breakout sessions with leaders across Tangoe, to hearing from featured panelists representing IBM, Halliburton, Seagate and Apple, we exchanged ideas and strategies and we left feeling inspired to work smarter, make better decisions and accomplish goals in new ways.

Whether you didn’t get the chance to join us last week, or you’re just looking for a quick refresher, here are the top three takeaways from Tangoe LIVE 2020.

  • Our customers are busy. As a result of the current economic downturn, our customers are doing more and working with less than before, and they have made it clear that enterprise spend management is critical at this juncture. Knowing this, Tangoe remains committed to providing a user-friendly platform with a consistent user experience. This allows customers to quickly find the information they need and apply it, so that they can redirect their focus to growing the business.
  • Tangoe values customer feedback. We don’t just listen to customer feedback, but if you tuned into Tangoe Live and the pre- or post-sessions, you’ve heard how we’re constantly acting on it. We are consistently updating our platform and services to meet the needs of our customers, regardless of industry, size or geography. Through our common application functionality, stronger reporting & analytics and enhanced automation capabilities, our goal is to make Tangoe’s platform and services a one-stop-shop for all your enterprise technology management needs.
  • It’s important to invest in yourself. While everything around us may seem crazy or chaotic right now, we must all remember to continue investing in ourselves. Whether you’re just starting out, or are in the middle of your career, take the time to learn a new skill, familiarize yourself with a new technology or even take a well-deserved vacation. At the end of the day, the one person who will ultimately shape your personal and career growth is yourself. (Source: Dave Hansen, Marlin Equity Partners/Tangoe board member)

If we learned one thing at Tangoe LIVE 2020, it’s that enterprise technology management has never been more important. While we may not be able to see one another in person right now, this event served as a critical opportunity to share ideas, insights and inspiration to help us all work smarter, make better decisions and save money.

To access on-demand recordings from Tangoe LIVE 2020, visit Tangoe Learn.

Thank you to everyone for attending this year’s Tangoe LIVE event – it was truly transformative and an event we’ll never forget. We look forward to seeing you all next year!