It Takes Two to Tangoe


It literally does take two to Tangoe, and if each partner is not in synch with the other, it can look like an abysmal mess. Partner relationships in business come in all shapes and sizes, but the bottom line to a successful relationship is having a model that is advantageous to both parties. Far too often the benefits skew one way, and before you know it there is a 100+ page document outlining how to interact and work together. I wish I were jesting, but it is the truth.

Many companies may say they are partner first, but there are caveats and exceptions, and lists, and rules. At Tangoe, we have none of these things – just a team of sales and technical experts who are eager to partner with the channel to close business. That, coupled with a leading software and service solution to simplify, manage, and optimize fixed, mobile, and cloud spend and assets, is a winning combination. Tangoe serves businesses of all sizes – some of the largest, global enterprises and mid-size companies.

Here is how we think about partnering and what is foundational to our model:

Always On Marketing Support

  1. Joint marketing with you via digital, social, and events is our top priority.
  2. Pre-packaged campaigns and co-branded materials are readily available.
  3. Continuous education and thought leadership is always on.

Best Sales and Support Model

  1. We have one sales and technical support team. No competition, no conflict.
  2. We will take your lead and bring the sales and technical product expertise.
  3. Our team is eager, willing, and able to support any sale you bring our way.

Compensation Neutral

  1. We will never compete for business with a channel partner.
  2. We will never have an exclusion list the partner needs to steer clear of.
  3. We never change our sales rep compensation if the deal is from the channel.

These are the ABCs of selling with Tangoe. All that aside, we are the industry leader in our space with the most innovative software and experienced service team at your disposal. And, your customers need a Tangoe solution. We save company’s millions of dollars each year and help them become more agile and efficient. Eager to learn more? Fill out this form to get in touch with a Channel Manager.