Empowering Mission Critical Applications

Empowering Mission Critical Applications

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research last week to share the latest happenings at Tangoe. To say a lot has changed in the technology expense management space would be an understatement. And in fact, the industry descriptor itself does an injustice to what our solutions do.  Tangoe and TEM solutions were borne out of a need to reduce complexity and thus automate processes to drive efficiencies. Today TEM means so much more.

Tangoe’s TEM solution spans the technology landscape from telecom, mobile, and cloud, and includes the surrounding services and expertise that businesses need to thrive. The best way to describe the mission critical work we do for businesses of all sizes, is to share a few examples of what we do.

A food manufacturing company has their delivery process, inventory, and tracking in a mobile app on a tablet for each driver. Each of those tablets need to be secure and always on in order for the company to distribute its inventory and therefore drive revenue. If one of those devices is down the service literally stops and revenue is impacted negatively. Tangoe manages the end-to-end process from procuring and managing the device, loading the applications and security software, kitting, shipping, and activating the mobile plans. If a driver has an issue, they call the Tangoe Mobile Help Desk. 

A pharmaceutical company with offices in 18 countries and whose products are sold in more than 100 countries, relies on Tangoe to support their clinical trials with critical technology and support for their study participants. Tangoe is currently managing over a dozen trials, each with different requirements, and is responsible for making sure trial patients receive the proper device with the necessary applications loaded to complete the studies within a designated timeframe.  In this case, Tangoe has a tremendous responsibility in supporting this company in delivering the best patient care.

These are just two of so many examples where Tangoe solutions play an integral role in our client’s business. We do simplify, manage, and optimize fixed, mobile, and cloud expenses and assets and save our clients millions of dollars each year. More importantly, we are the foundation on which businesses can innovate with technology and empower us to deliver for mission critical applications.

 Zeus and I also chatted about the prospect of a recession coming and how Tangoe could help businesses weather the storm. Tangoe helps businesses save money and resources and take on responsibility for repeatable tasks so they can focus on what they do best. Check out the ZKast podcast and connect with us if you’d like a demo.