Compass Solutions Gains Repeat Business from Tangoe

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When the Director of IT at an environment company with 27 locations in the U.S. started his new role, he immediately called on Compass Solutions. Having worked with Compass at two prior companies, he was confident that they would deliver on his needs and provide him with the best technology recommendations. 

Kathy Mulgrew, the Compass Solutions account manager and 17-year employee, spent time to understand what the challenges were. The newly appointed Director of IT needed to move to an SD-WAN solution and align with the latest technology. One of the biggest concerns was how the wireless operations were being managed and the resulting loss of resource time and money. With a small IT team and one individual spending 95% of their time with the wireless carriers shoring up costs, ordering new equipment, turning in old or unused devices, it took away from many of the more strategic needs of the department. 

Mulgrew turned to Avant for a recommendation on which provider would be best positioned to solve their needs. Tangoe was the most highly recommended, however, as always, Mulgrew presented solutions from multiple providers and laid out the services and pricing for each. Tangoe was selected for three primary reasons: 

1. It came so highly recommended 

2. The solutions and service capabilities were the most comprehensive 

3. Its history of leadership in the market 

What really sold them, according to Mulgrew, was the demo. It was clear from the get-go that Tangoe’s portal had richer capabilities to support their complex needs. Further, the environmental company was eager to leverage the help desk services and fulfillment support. 

Tangoe’s Mid-Enterprise MMS bundle for business was selected and is now in the process of implementation. The journey from initial conversation to close only took 32 days. Subsequently, they have received additional demos for UEM services, which are now being considered by the company. The ROI on the cost for the solution was greater than expected and now the IT analyst can go back to doing her day job and leave the management of mobile expenses and assets to Tangoe. 

Compass Solutions is a leading information technology managed services and solutions company based in Akron, Ohio, that delivers technology services that fit the business model of its clients. Compass Solutions partners with their clients to deliver world class services to their end-users, effectively manage IT infrastructure and ensure critical systems are optimally designed, configured, managed, and secured.