5 Reasons to Select Tangoe as Your Cloud Cost Management Solution 

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This is the final article in a series diving deep into the biggest differentiators of our Tangoe One Cloud expense management platform. When comparing Tangoe against other FinOps solution providers, take these items into consideration. Read articles one, two, three, and four.     

Tangoe’s FinOps platform offers a comprehensive solution to simplify the management of your cloud expenses and drive efficiency in cloud asset utilization. In this article, we summarize the five reasons why Tangoe is the best choice for your cloud cost management solution

1. Advanced FinOps Budgeting and Chargeback Tools 

Every company has a long list of cloud invoices to process with shared expenses that need to be charged back to the various departments that use them. But managing cloud finances can mean days and weeks of manual work. IaaS invoices are known to be as complex as tax returns, and instead of being coordinated, chargebacks, budgets, and cost centers end up getting out of sync. 

IT budgets and FinOps chargebacks must be integrated to ensure accurate financial management.

Tangoe offers an advanced platform for FinOps enablement that manages budgets and chargebacks uniformly, using the same metadata. Standardization and normalizing unstructured data are critical for expense management to work consistently. Companies need to establish continuity in the way expenses are displayed, handled, and prioritized. In achieving this uniformity, Tangoe’s platform also applies your own corporate financial rules to the chargeback tools for a fully automated experience that can shave hours off of painstakingly manual processes. A research firm used Tangoe’s solution to handle FinOps chargebacks for 500 departments, shortening reporting processes from 5 days to just 5 minutes. 

You’ll get:  

  • A FinOps platform that works with your corporate financial systems and rules to streamline chargebacks, accounts payable, and general ledger processes. 
  • Customizable budgeting parameters for governing cloud spending thresholds and alerting to possible cost overruns BEFORE they occur. 
  • Multiple versions of budgets with information built specifically for departments that need to see a smaller subset of information or executives who want the big picture. 
  • Real-time monitoring of cloud expenses to keep your spending in check every day. 

Tangoe’s budgeting capabilities can also help identify areas of potential cost savings and offer advanced analytics for forecasting and planning. Compared to competitors, we have a unique ability to streamline cloud financial management with budgets, chargebacks, and client financial rules all working together. 

Learn more about how Tangoe One Cloud enables FinOps budgeting and chargebacks. 

2. Zero Trust Security for Your Financial Data   

Let me guess: You’re managing your cloud spend with FinOps, and then you’re managing your security with a Zero Trust approach? If you’re doing both, you’re on the right track. But if you’re not doing them together, you’re likely missing opportunities to address security risks proactively. That’s the case with many of today’s substandard FinOps solutions — but not Tangoe. 

Tangoe builds our FinOps solutions with security top of mind, incorporating data-level security and identity-level security features in our offerings. This way clients can support their Zero Trust security architectures and ensure that financial data is protected from unauthorized access. 

Tangoe’s approach to security includes:  

  • role-based access control 
  • user activity monitoring 
  • data loss prevention 
  • compliance and auditability features 
  • advanced encryption 
  • data masking  

Get the details on our FinOps security measures. 

3. Multi-Cloud Instance Pausing Made Easy 

Pausing cloud services can help IT leaders save money on their cloud infrastructure, avoiding costs for services rendered when they may not necessarily be needed. However, pausing features can be difficult to manage, especially when dealing with multiple cloud service providers and working across a variety of service portals.  

Tangoe’s FinOps solution streamlines this process with AI automation, making it easier for IT teams to manage their multi-cloud services and save money. We simplify this process by showing you when to put services on hold, how much you’ll save, and streamlining the scheduling process across a variety of providers all at the same time.   

  • Clients can pause services across multiple CSPs simultaneously.  
  • The platform is compatible with major CSPs including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  
  • Cost optimization intelligence and quantifiable savings insights guide your pausing schedule, making it easy to compare pausing strategies.   

Learn more about Tangoe’s instance pausing capabilities for multiple cloud infrastructure services

4. Optimize All Your Clouds – Public, Private, or Hybrid 

IT leaders face challenges in overseeing multiple cloud environments and a variety of cloud service providers (CSPs) — particularly when they need to effectively manage cloud costs by using their cloud software and infrastructure resources more efficiently — with a closer eye on reducing waste and making invoices more predictable month over month.

Thanks to integrations and our wide ecosystem of cloud partners, Tangoe offers a comprehensive FinOps solution that can track and optimize nearly every cloud environment under your IT umbrella – public, private, or hybrid.  

Tangoe’s cloud expense management platform supports five different public and private services, including those from:  

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  1. Microsoft Azure (Azure) 
  1. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 
  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)  
  1. VMware Private Cloud (VMware)  

With one of the industry’s most extensive array of pre-built API integrations, Tangoe facilitates broader data ingestion providing clients with a single-pane view of their entire cloud estate. That means you get: 

  • Multi-cloud visibility and automated cost and usage analysis, which is a challenge when information is siloed across multiple dashboards and portals. 
  • A centralized platform purpose-built to normalize data across many cloud infrastructure platforms and automatically evaluate data streams, applying custom financial rules and chargebacks directly to cloud expenses.  
  • Visibility into all-in costs for private clouds, revealing the sum of all its parts and enabling IT leaders to establish smarter workload placement policies. 
  • Cost and productivity savings leveraging AI to right-size infrastructure and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

See how Tangoe identifies cost-saving opportunities across your diverse cloud environment. 

5. AI Analytics, Automation, and Instant Results 

There’s a reason Tangoe has been granted 14 patents for our ability to apply AI to FinOps practices. We infuse AI advanced analytics and robotic process automation to the FinOps Framework’s best practices for accelerated cloud cost optimization. This removes the burdens of complex data evaluations and streamlines many of the administrative and repetitive tasks needed to reduce costs and make more efficient use of cloud assets.  

Here’s why our clients love our AI analytics and automation: 

  • Data Ingestion that Offers Vast Visibility: Our cloud cost optimization engine crunches data every 4 hours from many sources including information gathered from the client side and the provider side.  
  • Instant Insights Save You Money Right Away: Once installed, cost-saving insights are available in 24-48 hours – so you can start saving money right away.  
  • Real-Time Intelligence to Prevent Cost Spikes: Real-time data analysis prevents expenses before they are charged, alerting teams of cost threshold violations – this is essential for proactive strategies that help avert the surprises of IaaS bill shock and counteract cloud inflation
  • Data Normalization for Simple Savings Comparisons: Clients can achieve apples-to-apples price comparisons and savings breakdowns across a diverse list of providers – all of whom offer different services and maintain unique pricing models or discounting structures.  
  • Tracking that Keeps You on Top of Dynamic Pricing and New Features: Tangoe’s platform monitors daily fluctuations in service prices and keeps tabs on any newly released capabilities that can help make your cloud consumption more efficient.  
  • Massive Data Analysis to Empower Swift Savings Discovery: AI analytics compare +1M pricing schemas, pinpointing the most cost-effective configurations for your IaaS infrastructure. 
  • Your Insights Get Smarter with Time: Our AI engine continually ingests more information for sharper comparisons that leverage historical information, which means more informed recommendations based on your usage patterns and habits. 
  • 1-Click Savings via Automated Implementation: Once the client approves a cost-saving recommendation, the Tangoe One Cloud platform will automatically make the necessary service changes on their behalf. Our AI engine is integrated into IaaS control portals, so it can manipulate client settings and configurations. This accelerates time-to-savings, making it easy to capitalize on savings opportunities. When IT teams are overstretched, the value of this automation is priceless. 

Jumpstart your FinOps program with Tangoe. Contact us for a free product demonstration

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