2023 Market Trends and Predictions


The ushering in of a new year signifies new beginnings, new possibilities but also a time of reflection.  What did we learn in the last twelve months?  How can we leverage that knowledge in the coming year to make improvement in our lives?  At Tangoe, while we don’t have a list of new year’s resolutions, we do have deep insights to share, the purpose of which is to bring value to IT leaders around the globe and make their jobs just a little easier in 2023. 

Every year the advisory services team, which is made up of 60 consultants with hundreds of years of experience, amasses a wealth of data from the clients we have worked with. Our second annual market trends report is hot off the press and provides a glimpse into the learnings we captured that should help you better plan and negotiate in 2023.  

Last year we worked with hundreds of clients all around the world ranging from the largest, most complex businesses to mid-size enterprises.  We conducted a variety of engagements that ranged from helping them design and implement a digital transformation initiative (think MPLS to SD-WAN, or traditional voice services to UCaaS and Cloud Contact Center Solutions), to renegotiating carrier agreements, to cloud asset consolidation projects to building accurate inventory of assets. In the 400+ engagements we identified up to 30% annual savings and leveraged our database of $35B in global technology spend intelligence to get the best solution and price for our clients. 

The top five business and IT trends that we observed in 2022 were: 

  1. Office closures, corporate downsizing and shifts in technology investments 
  1. SD-WAN is now mainstream 
  1. Covid spending is shifting back to traditional enterprise providers 
  1. 5G and fixed wireless connectivity isn’t just for back-up anymore. 
  1. Cloud sprawl is a top IT issue for budget and security reasons. 

In the report we share macro trends from a pricing perspective across key product lines, but these generalities can often be deceiving. There are so many variables that come into play to understand what is happening in a specific market, from a specific provider with a specific service.  So, if you are looking to really get the in-depth understanding you need to make an impact, the advisory services team is here to help.  Our engagements can range from short term advice and data insight to full on management of an IT project or even your ITEM solution.   

Download the report to get a view of our predictions for 2023.  The technology market is not showing any signs of slowing down, in fact, the importance of IT is only growing in stature.  Tangoe can not only help you on a specific initiative, but our software is used to simplify, manage, and optimize technology spend yielding material outcomes for your business. 

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