8 Use Cases for Hiring an IT Cost Management Consultant

With today’s economic headwinds, IT leaders are being asked to make more efficient use of their IT budgets and technology assets. One study shows 83% of CIOs are under pressure to make their budgets stretch further than ever before. This has IT financial leaders thinking more about hiring an IT cost management consultant to minimize […]

How to Get More Value Out of the Cloud: Advice from a Research Firm 

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We may not technically be in a recession, but nonetheless IT is still – always — being asked to do more with less. Many corporate initiatives are tightening spending amid times of slow economic growth, which means IT leaders are investigating ways to get more value out of existing resources, particularly cloud-based innovation.   New guidance […]

ITEM Pitfalls: When Speed-to-Savings Turns into an Implementation Nightmare

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Don’t you hate it when you’re told you’ll get a call back in an hour, and they never call back. Not everyone does what they say they’ll do.   And it’s no different in the IT expense management (ITEM) industry.   Providers say they will deliver speed-to-value, when in fact, implementation lingers on for months, becoming […]

Tangoe One Now Supports More Cloud Services: Google Cloud Platform Optimization 

Recent data shows Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) usage continues to grow at lightning speed, with an estimated 90% of large enterprises adopting a multi-cloud infrastructure. According to Forrester’s Public Cloud Market Outlook, 2022 – 2026, the public cloud market will top more than $1 trillion worldwide by 2026 and make up more than $462 billion […]

The Risk of Bring-Your-Own-Device Strategies 

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It’s difficult for companies to manage mobile devices that they don’t own. Thus, taking a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy toward mobile device management is a risky endeavor. Consider today’s realities:  Benefits Don’t Outweigh BYOD Cost Savings: The increasing management and security requirements of today’s work-from-anywhere workforce are far greater than the cost savings benefits associated with […]

Need to Get More Value Out of the Cloud? Think Cloud Expense Management   

With today’s uncertain economic climate, enterprises across all industries are feeling the pressure to cut spending. IT organizations are no exception. And yet, at the same time, they are being asked to drive innovation, transform systems, and modernize technology in order to successfully compete in the market. Doing more with less is no small task, […]

As Business Trends Mobilize, So Must Mobile Workforce Practices 

It seems that just as we learn about a new business trend, another one follows quickly, nipping at its heels. Take, for example, the “Great Resignation,” discovered when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in January that a record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021. This was a phenomenon that we had not seen […]

2023 Market Trends and Predictions

Tangoe consolidates a wealth of data in our annual market trends report to help you better plan and negotiate your IT spend. See what’s new for 2023.

Tangoe Simplifies and De-risks Mobile Device Management

This article was written by Zeus Kerravala and originally published in Network Computing The use of mobile devices in the workplace has grown in both scope and importance. A decade ago, smart phones and tablets augmented the way we work. Today, for many jobs, the mobile device has become the primary, if not only device, […]