Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

Tangoe provides enterprise UEM services to help organizations transform their existing mobility management and MDM solutions. We have the ideal engineering resources and technical support to design, implement, migrate, and administer global UEM systems.

Device logistics support and hundreds of integrations make it easy to tap into our expertise without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

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Transformative UEM Solutions.

Our unified endpoint management solutions engineers will support you however needed. We provide standalone UEM services, as well as integrations and support through our managed mobility solution. Here are 10 of our core capabilities.


UEM implementation and cloud migration


Full-lifecycle platform management


Integrations: O365, exchange, Azure (more below)


Compliance audits, maintenance, and help desk


Mobile security defense and management


Application management


Tiered escalation support


Vendor support


User group management


Diverse systems expertise

Why Do Organizations Love Tangoe UEM?

Leading companies love our UEM services because they eliminate uncertainty and waste within massive mobility programs. We help enterprises be efficient, compliant, and lean no matter what.

Here are a few things that set our team apart:

  • High-touch customer service. National or global UEM is complex! Sometimes an expert-to-expert conversation is better than software when you need answers. Our team is there for you. 
  • Vast systems knowledge. UEM and enterprise MDM software; Android, Apple, and Windows 10 platforms; Apple Business Manager (DEP, VPP); and Android for Enterprise.
  • Integrations for seamless management. O365, Exchange, Azure Active Directory/LDAP, IdP/IdM, certificate authorities, API integrations, and more.
  • Robust reporting. By connecting mobile security with managed mobility data, our reports help you keep devices compliant and governed, plus avoid overspend and inefficiency.
  • Top-notch device logistics. Our Logistics Depot services include in-warranty processing (e.g., Apple), MDM service-related actions, device kitting, provisioning, returns, repairs, and shipping.


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