Tangoe Debuts Device as a Service (DaaS) at Connect 2021

Tangoe Debuts Device as a Service (DaaS) at Connect 2021

Hundreds of Tangoe’s Fortune 500 customers gather virtually for two days of talks and technology


Indianapolis, IN – June 14, 2021 –  Customers and experts came together on June 9 and 10, 2021 at Tangoe’s annual customer event, Connect 2021, to hear the company’s vision for the future and the exclusive announcements of new offerings.  Rebranded from Tangoe Live, Connect 2021 held true to the theme of “People, Processes, and Technology” with two days of industry insights, product roadmaps, peer to peer connections, and discussions to help enterprises break down organizational silos for a holistic approach to expense and IT program management.

“It was amazing event,” said Tangoe CEO James Parker.  “I want to thank all our guest speakers, John “Gucci” Foley, our Apple® experts, and Hyoun Park for sharing their insights and knowledge and, of course, the entire Tangoe team for creating such a fun, informative event.  It was exciting to show our customers how far we’ve come and where we are going to ensure that our solutions are continuously meeting the demands of the market.”

Tangoe announced a new service to enhance customer experience at Connect 2021, Device as a Service (DaaS).  DaaS combines their award-winning Tangoe One Mobile application with device lifecycle management, to help organizations lower total cost of ownership, boost organizational productivity, enhance the employee experience, and reduce strain on overburdened IT departments, all for a single, subscription-based monthly payment.

Tangoe CEO James Parker offered a comprehensive vision of Tangoe’s future and discussed the post-COVID trends that are driving organizational priorities including work from anywhere, cost optimization, connected things, and cloud.  “We’re focused on the convergence and extension of Tangoe’s capabilities in response to these shifting priorities across legacy product lines.”

Chief Product Officer Yaakov Shapiro extended on the theme, highlighting Tangoe One’s capabilities across telecom, mobile, and cloud including automation, APIs and integration, and data analytics.  VP of Advisory Services Eric Witt highlighted several industry trends in Telecom including the increased interest in broadband and the increasing service guide rates as carriers accelerate their phase outs of legacy services, with USF rates increasing 50% over the last 2 years.  Tangoe’s experts led breakout product sessions giving customers a sneak peek into upcoming enhancements for Telecom, Mobile, Cloud, and Rivermine.

Connect 2021 also featured a bevy of guest speakers.  Former Blue Angel lead pilot John “Gucci” Foley shared his high-flying experience with the Blue Angel’s, highlighting what it takes to build high performance teams and why everyone should carry the mantra “glad to be here.” Apple® experts and Tangoe’s product and advisory team led a discussion around replacing older devices and the explosion of 5G capabilities.  And, Amalgam CEO and principal analyst Hyoun Park argued for new ideas and strategies in IT to keep pace with today’s changing technology infrastructure.

“Connect 2021 brings together the stewards responsible for managing some of the largest IT portfolios in the world,” said Amalgam CEO Hyoun Park. “It was a pleasure to speak to the audience about taking on the trillion-dollar status quo challenges of IT so that they can optimize their spend and allocate IT budgets to future-facing and profit-enhancing investments.”

Tangoe’s customer panel was led by AOTMP Executive VP Tim Colwell and featured several leaders who detailed their pre- and post-COVID strategies and opportunities.  “I truly appreciated the opportunity to be on the customer panel,” said Home Depot Senior Finance Manager Ridge Fussell.  “It gave me the chance to hear how my peers are utilizing the Tangoe tools to better manage their spend and implement cost saving strategies. There are times where telecom management can be a lonely place within your organization….but it is nice to know there are others who are working on the same efforts as you.”

“Whether it’s cloud, work from anywhere, cost optimization, or connected things, Tangoe is positioning itself as a complete solution to solve the most complicated challenges that organizations are facing today, and our new offering DaaS speak to our forward-thinking business model,” said Tangoe CEO James Parker.  “Connect 2021 really highlighted the blistering pace of technology advancements and how Tangoe solutions can help organizations connect their disparate silos to empower their employees, automate their workflows, and gain maximum value for their technology investments.”


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