The Orthodox Union Eliminates Paperwork and Inefficiencies with Managed Mobility Services

Tangoe’s Telecom Expense Management and white glove Advisory Services experts help this energy giant save big on their telecom expenses. 

The Challenge

Every day, countless individuals around the world are positively impacted by the work of the Orthodox Union’s array of religious, youth, social action, educational, public policy, and community development services, programs, and activities. The Orthodox Union’s mobile program administrator was tasked with identifying a solution that maximized mobility spend, eliminated operational inefficiencies, and provided support to end users. 

The Orthodox Union’s mobility program was a manual and labor-intensive process. Mobile program reports took so long to run that it was nearly impossible to complete a request. Additional company resources needed to be diverted from other departments and employee resources to meet deadlines.

The Solution

Tangoe’s software-first solution provides the Orthodox Union with one place to find all its mobility program information. The mobility program administrator can quickly search and answer countless questions in record time. Before Tangoe, finding the resources to answer inquiries was laborious, buried in stacks of paper or hidden away in database files. Newfound program visibility allows the Orthodox Union to be proactive in its mobility program strategy rather than reactive to unexpected events. 

13% Monthly Mobility Savings

in long distance coverage 


Data Delivered in Seconds

Centralized reporting capabilities 

Streamlined Orders

Automated asset procurement & configuration workflows 


The Outcome

In addition to providing the Orthodox Union with role-assigned mobility program visibility and streamlined asset procurement, configuration, and deployment workflows, Tangoe helped drive down overall mobility program expenditure with strategic monthly analysis and bill optimization. 

The Orthodox Union saves up to 13% of its mobility program spend each month. Additionally, without being overwhelmed by requests for new lines of service, device upgrades, and help desk assistance, the Orthodox Union’s IT team and program administrator now have time to focus on more strategic initiatives that will allow them to further the organization’s mission: to engage, strengthen, and lead the Orthodox Jewish Community, and inspire the greater Jewish community.