Beam Suntory Saves $500K Annually in Mobile Expenses

Beam Suntory Saves

Engagement with Tangoe Advisory Services results in nearly 50% decrease in mobile spend. 

The Challenge

Headquartered in Chicago, Beam Suntory is a world leader in premium spirits and one of the largest producers of distilled beverages. Known brands include Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, and Basil Hayden with offices around the globe. Powered by a highly mobile workforce, Beam Suntory set out to drive efficiencies and savings in their mobile spend. 

With a workforce dispersed throughout the United States, Beam Suntory found difficulty in securing optimal wireless contracts from region to region. Additionally, while managing so many different carriers, vendors, and terms, billing inaccuracies became difficult to quantify and rectify, leading to overcharges and wasted spend. 



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The Solution

Tangoe Advisory Services(TAS) inventoried Beam Suntory’s mobile contracts, terms, and telecom service to establish a step-by-step optimization plan. With TAS’ knowledge of regional carriers, they established a set target terms, rates, and service options. With these items mapped, negation strategies were outlined to consolidate the diverse mix of vendor contracts to achieve improved terms and ongoing savings. While executing these strategies TAS was also able to identify previous billing inaccuracies used for negotiating future terms. 

Experian Eliminates Late Payments & Captures Savings

Global Expertise

Knowledge of carrier & vendor intricacies 

Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

Proven Negotiation

Translating Ts&Cs into savings 

Experian Eliminates Late Payments & Captures Savings

Optimized Results

the best deals, region-by-region 

The Outcome

Once a work plan approval was granted from Beam Suntory, TAS was able to provide region-by-region optimization and negotiation to pinpoint the best carriers and vendors for each employee group. During these negotiations, TAS obtained significant credits from vendors for past billing inaccuracies and delivered a cost savings of nearly half a million dollars annually while improving operational efficiencies on an ongoing basis. 

This engagement has allowed Beam Suntory to focus on their core competencies. In the future, Beam Suntory plans to simplify their billing process for mobile payments with improved chargeback to cost centers throughout the enterprise. Sanjay Kirtikar, Director of Marketing IT and Digital Technology said, “It pays for itself and even more.” Adding that it’s nearly impossible to quantify the full value of freeing up time and effort to focus on core competencies of the business.