Tangoe One Platform Adds IaaS and UCaaS

Tangoe One Platform Adds IaaS and UCaaS

Tangoe has long been the leader in IT expense and asset management.  Born with the mission of helping large multi-national companies wrangle their growing voice and data spend across increasing number of carriers was the solution Tangoe solved.  The software and services that Tangoe has continually innovated on to simplify, manage, and optimize telecom and mobile spend and assets has evolved to include AI driven analytics, deep reporting and actionable data that is helping businesses of all sizes shore up their spend and inventory.

Today Tangoe is announcing the addition of Cloud Expense Management (CEM) solutions for IaaS and UCaaS to its portfolio. Industry analysts predict that cloud spend will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.5% and will grow to $832B by 2025. According to a study by Cisco, 94% of all workloads in 2021 were processed in cloud data centers.  And companies of all sizes use multiple clouds to store and serve up critical business applications and enable their teams with UCaaS capabilities to promote collaboration. 

Just like businesses need to have a holistic view of their technology spend and assets across telecom and mobile, the same holds true for IaaS and UCaaS.  Here is how the Tangoe One solution for Cloud helps:

Tangoe’s IaaS solution builds on decades of experience in expense management and allows you to manage, track, analyze, and optimize infrastructure expenses, assets, and usage in one easy-to-navigate application. Gain full control and visibility over your multi-cloud technology stack, allocate and chargeback costs tagged to the right cost center, understand usage spikes, and unleash the power of AI-driven optimization recommendations to protect and streamline your organization’s IT asset lifecycle.

Tangoe’s UCaaS solution provides a consolidated view of services across multiple providers and rich reporting to understand call volumes and details to be able to make informed decisions. It allows businesses to manage their usage for complete visibility and control to get the most value from their UCaaS investment.  Further, Tangoe’s Cloud for UCaaS includes the ability to evaluate and validate spend and pricing relative to the business’ unique contract terms and will uncover anomalies that will result in savings.

Both Cloud for IaaS and UCaaS are applications in the Tangoe One platform.  Now enterprises of all sizes have a single dashboard by which to manage and optimize technology spend across the globe, at a specific location, cost center or even individual.  The depth of reporting and analytics is granular and robust and will afford businesses the opportunity to very simply identify areas to optimize.

As one IT Director said, “in the past it would take 2 people over 47 hours to review, consolidate and rationalize their Azure invoices.  With Tangoe One for IaaS they get the insight they need in less than 15 minutes.”

As businesses of all sizes are wrestling with ways to find cost-cutting opportunities not to mention resource savings to focus on their own business, Tangoe One is a sure solution.  Check out our details at tangoe.com/cloud-expense-management and sign up for a demo today.