Research Suggests Cloud Spending is Set to Reach Sky-High Levels


As the global shift to hybrid and remote work models continues, businesses are increasingly embracing Cloud applications and services to empower their diverse teams. I guess you could say they have their head in the Cloud … literally.

Findings of a recent Vanson Bourne study commissioned by Tangoe suggest there are no signs of slowing for this trend, as budgets allocated specifically to Cloud resources are expected to increase by 12% over the next two years. In fact, budgets allocated to cloud, mobile, and telecom are all expected to increase by an average of 10-12%, showing the continued growth and importance of these software and services.

In line with budgets, mobile device count (78%) and usage (83%) is also expected to increase. This outlook is both exciting and potentially daunting, especially as IT teams report feeling increasing pressure to deliver more with less. Greater use comes with more management, making it even more important that organizations approach this in the right way. Now, more than ever, could be the time for organizations to consider using external vendors, given the vast benefits this brings.

The good news? With plans to increase usage and the expectation of more budget to allocate to these services, organizations are recognizing it may be time to reevaluate.

According to the report, more than half of surveyed IT decision makers (ITDMs) say their organization is currently reviewing (or soon plan to review) their telecom (59%), mobile (55%), and cloud (51%) processes. This is promising, especially given the fact that these software and services are continually evolving and transforming.

Regular reviews are essential to keep up and reap the most benefits, but they can be time-consuming. Organizations that are not working with external vendors are going to need to manage the reviews themselves, without additional support and advice. This is going to take up time that could be spent elsewhere, adding to the widespread benefits of vendor support.

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