One Major Reason You’ll Need AppleCare for Enterprise from Tangoe in 2021

One Major Reason You’ll Need AppleCare for Enterprise from Tangoe in 2021

As organizations prepared for 2021, many realized a need to be more strategic about technology investments. Any service or device that helped them get more out of their resources, as well as services that offer multiple use cases, were on everyone’s holiday shopping list in 2020. Enhanced support from AppleCare® for Enterprise and Tangoe was high on the roster for one big reason in 2021: the continuing trend toward remote work.

What is AppleCare and Tangoe Enhanced Support?

AppleCare for Enterprise is just one part of the Tangoe for Apple solution. We support all your organization’s Apple® devices – iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® and Apple Watch® – through our managed mobility services and platform. This gives you to visibility into what Apple devices you have. In addition, you also gain insight into device costs from data, contracts and services. With technical integrations and insights from AppleCare, Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX)¹, and Apple Business Manager, Tangoe for Apple helps you make smarter decisions about device lifecycle management.

Tangoe’s Apple expertise allows support of your AppleCare for Enterprise experience in many ways, including:

  • AppleCare coordination²
  • Live admin and user support
  • Self-service options
  • Unified endpoint management (UEM) admin
  • Global onsite hardware repairs
  • iOS®, iPadOS®, and macOS® troubleshooting
  • Integration and networking issues

How does AppleCare from Tangoe support remote employees? Let’s take a look.

Remote Employees Need Remote Help

Remote work was one of the biggest trends of 2020, and it’s not going away any time soon. Yet there have been challenges with the model.

For instance, remote employees can’t simply walk down the hall to IT anymore for in-person troubleshooting or device fixes. Some workplaces will become fully decentralized and get rid of their office spaces entirely. Instead of an organization keeping spare devices in a stockroom at the office, those spare devices might now live in a box in an IT professional’s home. These both make fixing broken devices and supporting remote employees much more difficult than when everyone worked from a centralized location.

AppleCare and Tangoe enhanced support helps solve some of the remote-work-related challenges. A call would first be placed to the Tangoe help desk. Our experts will walk through some troubleshooting tips, which could include escalating to AppleCare. If the device is still not functioning, Tangoe will work directly with Apple through your AppleCare for Enterprise agreement² to process your claim.  With AppleCare for Enterprise next business day onsite support, Apple experts come directly to your employee’s home or office, where service is available³, to repair or replace their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If the employee accidentally damages a device, AppleCare for Enterprise can cover that, too. In most cases, Apple can repair or replace the device within one business day, minimizing employee downtime.

Get Extra Assistance with AppleCare from Tangoe

If 2020 was any indication, 2021 is going to be another challenging year for businesses. The last thing enterprises should be worrying about is the hassle and cost of device repairs and replacements, remote support, and the potential for lost productivity. Learn more about how Tangoe for Apple, and AppleCare from Tangoe, can help you solve some of these challenges.


  1. Releasing in early 2021 (defer to Tangoe on timing)
  2. Requires customer designation of Tangoe as technical contact on their AppleCare for Enterprise agreement to coordinate support
  3. Learn more about AppleCare for Enterprise availability of onsite service and next business day (NBD) response

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