Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Organization’s Devices- No, Really.

Now is the time to upgrade your organization’s devices - no, really.

With organizations understandably cutting back on expenses during these uncertain economic times, it might not follow that this is an ideal time to upgrade your mobile devices.

But it is.

Let me explain. A particularly great feature of the Tangoe Platform is it gives you the ability to see how many devices are currently eligible for carrier upgrades, as well as devices older than 2 years.

If these are Apple devices, you’re in luck. Through the Tangoe Renew program, enterprises can trade in eligible devices – typically iPhone 6s through 11 Pro Max – and receive up to $400 cashback or free AppleCare per device. If you’re a large company, say, one of the largest health systems on the west coast, you’re looking at $3,325,563 cash back. In fact, the top 25 Tangoe customers eligible for device buyback can receive almost $30 million in cashback savings – that’s money that can be used to help serve customers during a time when they need support the most.                  

Tangoe is part of a worldwide network of Apple repair providers, and combined with Apple’s highly durable hardware and easily upgraded software, can offer customers significant cost savings because Apple products retain significant value over their lifecycle, making them more affordable for enterprises to manage. Unlike other devices that end up being unused or given away at the end of their lifecycle, the high residual value of Apple devices means existing products may be used as trade-ins when customers upgrade.

With most enterprises just beginning to map their path forward in a post-COVID world, it’s more important than ever to maximize value and uncover immediate cost savings. That’s why this is an ideal time to upgrade your Apple devices – it’s literally money in your pocket.

Helping customers save money is literally what we do here at Tangoe. Which is why we also take the friction out of the return logistics process – typically the most inconvenient aspect of upgrading. Through the Tangoe Platform, customers can track their Apple devices, see which ones are eligible for upgrade, and even see real-time market value for each device.

Upgrading can not only save customers money, it can also help keep devices secure. Aging iPhones and iPads not compatible with the latest iOS or iPadOS can leave IT infrastructure vulnerable to security risks. So to keep networks secure and enable users with the latest hardware and software features and experience – which means increased productivity and a happier workforce – upgrade your devices today.

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