Device-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Tangoe’s DaaS solution offers complete device lifecycle management. You can manage, source, procure, and support your mobile device estate through the flexible, subscription-based contract.

Thanks to excellent scalability and end-to-end support, this solution is ideal for completing any device transition and broadening what your team can accomplish globally.

Professional woman using a tablet and smiling.

Face Your IT Challenges

With a modern work-from-anywhere model, employees and teams are spread across the globe and different buildings. This can make device management a nightmare for IT and finance managers! Change your challenges into opportunities with Tangoe DaaS and the supportive team.

Get Inventory & Usage Visibility.

See the entire device ecosystem by making us your DaaS solution providers. Modernize methods for inventory management, user management, and usage analysis.

Replace Outdated Technologies.

You know those legacy devices you’ve been trying to phase out? Tangoe DaaS makes upgrades resource-efficient to put employees on an even playing field.

Curb Costs of Maintenance & More.

With self-service device ordering and automations for mobility program maintenance, avoid needless costs related to old technology, lost devices, IT staffing, etc. 

End Security Worries.

By centralizing device management data and taking accurate inventory with our secure DaaS solution, you can rest easy knowing your assets and information are protected.

Make Mobility Programs Flexible.

Are you defining device lifecycle by the carrier contract versus the useful life of that device? That’s money wasted. Luckily, our solution helps you pivot your processes.

Handle Logistics & Device Disposal.

Centralize device ordering to easily deploy, provision, configure, kit, and manage global IT assets.Also, let Tangoe securely handle device disposal and recycling logistics!

Cut Inefficiency from the Picture.

Do away with manual processes, service interruptions, and restricted financial visibility. DaaS by Tangoe streamlines payment processes and other important workflows.

Key Features

Procurement, Logistics, Security

  • Device and Accessory Sourcing and Procurement Services from Our DaaS Providers
  • Logistics: Staging, Kitting, Recovery, Fulfillment
  • Spare Pool Management: Demand, Supply, Inventory, Replenishment
  • Secure UEM/MDM Support

Support and Repair

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support for Anyone*
  • Damaged and Lost Device Allowance

*We provide support for both administrators and end users through AI, RPA, and hyper-automation to enhance the user experience and self-service options.

Device Recovery

  • MMS Solution to Ease the Recovery Process
  • Direct Intervention for Compliance & High Recovery Rates

Managed Services and Process Optimization

  • Carrier Optimization for Your Business Requirements
  • Billing Services – Included in Your Single Monthly Payment

Get the device as a service (DaaS) solution via a simple monthly payment.

Adding Up the Benefits

By implementing Tangoe’s complete DaaS solution into your managed mobility program, you set yourself up for long-term adaptability to the latest market demands and technological changes.

Work Smart

  • Eliminate complex processes for managing your mobile fleet.
  • Reduce time spent ensuring employees have the right devices.
  • Minimize the number of device and carrier payment transactions.

Save Money

  • Simplify budgeting and forecasting.
  • Enjoy the predictable, subscription-based model of Tangoe DaaS.
  • Let Tangoe own the device management and logistics.
  • Free up IT and financial resources.

Be Confident

  • Build a positive work-from-anywhere culture.
  • Empower employees with the latest devices, anywhere.
  • Rely on Tangoe teams to ensure governance and security compliance.