Simplify IT Sourcing & Deployment.

New people, new devices, new requirements. Large enterprises are constantly working to place the right technology orders as operations evolve. This can require a lot of time and lead to costly errors. Let the experts at Tangoe free up your time by streamlining global technology sourcing, order tracking, provisioning, and deployment.

Tangoe One is built to handle your telecom and mobile equipment and service orders. Our experts are here to help with complex commissioning and technology deployment solutions. Let’s work smart to keep your business growing.

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Tangoe Platform on a desktop computer screen.

Part of Tangoe One.

Simplified IT sourcing and deployment are just a small part of what Tangoe offers. Our solution and experts also manage invoices, inventory, and expenses for your telecommobile and cloud technology.

From Technology Sourcing to Cost Allocation

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Orders Made Easy

Manage telecom or mobile orders with a centralized, user-friendly database. Intelligent workflows and technology deployment solutions drive seamless approval and activation. Get new users and services up and running quickly.

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Allocations Simplified

Pre-configured cost center allocations ensure proper departmental reporting related to technology usage and needs. No manual efforts are required to align expenses for financial reporting.

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Global Visibility

Visibility of all current and prior IT orders is an important part of asset lifecycle management. Use our platform to easily manage global mobile devices and telecom, including all phone numbers associated with your business.

Why Outsource IT Sourcing and Orders?

With Tangoe managing your enterprise technology orders, you have systems and experts to reduce human error, plan ahead, and save time. This gives you the freedom to focus your talents and those of your team on organizational decisions to grow your company’s bottom line. Let us manage the quote, bid, order, and fulfillment process, making it easy for end users to place technology orders correctly.

Benefits of partnering with Tangoe:

  • Cost reduction and lifelong savings
  • Access to a network of skilled expertise
  • Mitigated and managed risk with a partner
  • Freed resources for in-house efficiency
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced staffing churn