Technology Lifecycle Management for Mobility Brings Order to the Chaos

To IT teams it often feels like chaos—dealing with the day-to-day challenges associated with managing enterprise mobility—from end-user productivity issues and service contracts to connections, devices, and data. Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management for Mobility solutions bring back order to your mobile infrastructure by focusing on three core functions that deliver visibility, control, security, and cost savings to the most sophisticated mobility scenarios.

Mobile Deployment and Support:
Deploy mobile devices to your workforce through a near self-service experience, with the support to ensure end-users are always up-and-running for maximum productivity – no matter where they are.
(Mobile Device Repair and Replace Option Available)

Mobile Policy Governance:
Optimize, monitor, and streamline enrollment and security support for all mobile employees utilizing the EMM stack.

Mobile Expense Management and Optimization:
Gain a complete view of all mobile spend across your carriers to allow for a coordinated approach to contracts and plans for additional savings, while optimizing vendor services and relationships.

Discover how Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management for Mobility solutions can help bring order to your mobile infrastructure.




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