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See how much you could save on your mobile or telecom services.
Most companies overspend by 15-30%

Most companies are overspending by 15%, 20%, and even 30% on mobile and telecom services. See how much you could save with a free cost savings assessment performed by professional cost management consultants using market price indexes and $34B in tech spending insights.

What You’ll Get: Free Cost Savings Assessment


Your Current Spend

An inventory of your existing services and costs across vendors and service types (Wireless, MPLS, VoIP, Internet, SIP, etc.)

Your Savings Value

The dollar value of your cost savings gained from market-competitive prices


Amount You’re Overspending

The difference between your current cost versus your cost with market-competitive priceswe call this your market-price savings gap 

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IT and finance leaders want to get more value for the money they spend on mobile and telecom services. Let Tangoe’s Advisory Services show you how with a FREE cost savings assessment.

Cost Savings Assessment Summary

You’re overspending by: $350k/year

Tangoe Advisory Services

Tangoe’s Advisory Services is a team of 60 cost management consultants and IT spending advisors guiding corporate purchasing decisions with insider intelligence and market price indexes for the mobile and telecom sectors.

On average, we save companies 15-30% on their mobile and telecom costs.

With 250+ combined years of experience in creating cost-optimization programs for companies of all sizes, we negotiate 400 contracts annually and save clients $250M every year.

Real Client Results


Saved 29%


Saved 38%


Saved 33%

Global Leasing

Saved 31%

USA Software

Saved 28%

LATAM Financial
Services Provider:

Saved 33%

USA Retailer:

Saved 29%

7 Ways an IT Cost Management Consultant Can Help You


Create an accurate inventory of your current IT services and expenses

Compare current pricing to market pricing to identify potential savings
Tangoe One Platform
Provide insights into the effectiveness of your IT spend
Help identify new service providers and services

Help design and implement your network modernization strategy

Support your tech migrations: SIP/VoIP, UCaaS, or SD-WAN
Support the actioning of identified cost savings opportunities

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