In 2017 alone, Tangoe identified over $800M in cost savings for our customers. Finance departments of leading organizations partner with Tangoe to highlight opportunities to improve their margins and grow their bottom line.

Gartner estimates the average annual IT spend per employee is at $13,638 with a growth rate of 3.3%.  We understand this challenge and help our finance customers by providing:


A Solution Set

to make sense out of the varying technology costs so you can confidently plan budgets for these costs.


to highlight and fix errors on technology bills so you can be sure you’re paying for only what the enterprise actually owns.

Market Knowledge

to guide day-to day-technology spend decisions so you can spend more time analyzing the big picture.

Are you forgetting about this IT expense?

Are you spending more on IT expenses than you should? Learn how to master complex IT expenses and uncover cost savings in this report written especially for financial professionals.

Learn how a leading American financial services firm identified over $10M in savings.

Even risk-averse organizations can identify significant cost savings and adapt to new technologies. Access this case study to learn how a financial services firm with $1.5T in assets under management cut telecom expenses and achieved predictable results with Tangoe.

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